Holy Boy

Holy Boy

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Liner Notes: 

On wednesday I was sick. This musical idea popped up in my head, since I had time I decided to give it a go. I usually don’t like funk, but that’s not really meant to be a funk song, it’s just a 90s style groover. Not fleshed out, lyrics were written on the fly just before recording the vocals, and everything after 2:00 is more like „I have no idea what to do next“.


you will be happy
you will be dancing
you will be smiling
you will be blown away

you will be beautiful
you will be loveable
you’ll be unstoppable
if he just leads the way

holy boy will come to save you
holy boy will take away your pain

you’ll lose your fear and
you will heal and
you’re going to feel it
and it will all make sense

he’s come to invite you
he’s going to guide you
he will enlighten you
and you will understand

holy boy will come to save you
holy boy will take your pain away

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When the lyrics kick in, they remind me of the Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" album from the late 60s. Very intriguing beginning...

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I love this beat and chord progression. This is like funk grungified in true 90's fashion. This is really well arranged and cool!