Girl Overcoming

Girl Overcoming

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Liner Notes: 

THEME/PROMPT: HOPE (hopeful, hopeless, hope I win, hope I lose, hope I take a trip to Europe soon lol, etc.)

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, skirmish, ss082821L, feast,

HOST: @tjeff

WHAT: We’ll have an hour* to write, record, and post a song in response to, or hopefully somewhat inspired by, the announced prompt. Instrumentals, lyrics-only, and even partial songs are also fine. When you have finished, please share the link to your song in this thread.

I saw the prompt and loved it but wanted to change things up and do an instrumental because it's been a while. I used some looped bass and drums and then added a few different Zebraletta synths over top to make it more my own. I would have done a bit more with some more time but then wouldn't we all?

I mixed 808 bass loops with vintage pop loops. Probably should have spent a little more time mixing this but eh, it's skirmish.

It's in D minor (note for me for later)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like how this jumps into my ear with that great buzzy bass line and rhythm and then draws me in deeper as the layers unfold with the flowing oooos and the punctuating instrumental elements. It evolves and resolves well like a transformative journey. Well done!

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I like it as you just sort of surf along with it, and it comes to you. Not sure that I feel more hopeful because of it, but I do feel ethereal. I'm more of a vocals guy, so I wish I knew more about what you're doing, and I think it's cool!

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Are these your vocals in loop too? Very effective!

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Well, I was smiling and moving along to the song, so it certainly had a positive impact! I wish I knew more (or... anything) about mixing to offer technical feedback, but I don't. Either way, I liked it!

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I have the same response as vivalarayna. I don’t have enough technical knowledge , but it is interesting, and I listened twice to reflect on the other comments made. Thumbs up.

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Really love how the bass line jumps in right before the beat, and it's a great punchy bass sound and line too. the smooth synthy melody line is a great contrast to the other dissonant-sounding pads. I enjoyed listening!

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this is awesome.. if you used the midi keyboard for this then that's so cool and i'm definitely getting one!! Really inspiring.. enjoyed my listen very much

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Almost feels like something from a James Bond film. It feels mysterious and happy. I really enjoyed it!

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Has a traveling feel to me as I am visualizing passing landscapes. The beats and vox work well together. Well done on the skirmish!