Hope Has Endurace

Hope Has Endurace

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Liner Notes: 

This was for [@tjeff's] Superskirmish with the prompt of hope. I immediately thought of the vision of Pandora's box with hope being the only thing left when the troubles of the world were unleashed. It's also a commentary on our contemporary society (go figure!)

I tend to write happy songs, so this is a bit of a stretch. Granted, I can't help but put something positive into it.


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Verse 1
The crazies have unleashed the basest of wants
And troubles upon this earth
Destruction and mistrust planted in their wake
And take anything that has worth

But hope has endurance while despair sputters
And staggers its way to the end
Hope may be small, but mighty in heart
And to us some solace to send

Verse 2
They see the world as win or lose
And destroy what others hold dear
So little love left in their hearts
Replaced by anger and fears


They’ll poison their land to hold on to their truth
While choking on their own lies
They write their obits with fire and pain
As one by one they all die


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This is beautifully poetic and inspirational. It it has a wonderfully nostalgic feel in the use of language and style of music . I love the delivery and the use of major and minor chords. Your vocals are gorgeous on this! Wonderful sentiment in the chorus!

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Love your inspiration and this turned out beautiful. Yes, without hope, there's not much to sustain us. So well written.

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I feel the sadness and disappointment with world issues, but as I read your lyrics, all I could think about was Monty Python, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. I don’t know why. Maybe I am warped.

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This has a very medieval troubador feel to it, and it works. I like the chorus a lot, especially the first line.

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Love the poetic rhyming and rhythm of the words. Something that would be sung in a Shakespearian play perhaps. I enjoyed listening!

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These are some pretty grim lyrics that hold a wealth of truths. The chorus is a nice touch to balance out the negative. Your music and vocals add a nice feel to the lyrics.

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This is as much a beautiful poem set to music as it is a song. Does that make sense? It has some strange additional character to it—which I can't put my finger on, which is baffling me—that gives it an unusually formal quality. The end result is rather special.

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This is a great take on the prompt, I love that you have a little positivity thrown in there. Your delivery oft he lyrics provides some levity that I like a lot. I tend to struggle on writing happy songs to not have something negative thrown in there so for you to have the opposite problem is quite refreshing.

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love that chorus.. hope may be small by mighty in heart, Brilliant!

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Wonderful write and timeless delivery...lots of great lines and a melody plucked from history but still relevant now!

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Great lines in this. Very sophisticated way of delivering a message. I really like that chorus...the idea of hope being small but "mighty in heart" is such a great sentiment! Very expressive vocal...really tells the story nicely. "Despair sputters" is another great image in my mind! Nicely done!