Get Outside

Get Outside

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SuperSkirmish L

DATE/TIME: Saturday, August 28 - 10am CDT (8am PDT, 11am EDT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST, August 29: 1AM AEST etc...)

THEME/PROMPT: HOPE (hopeful, hopeless, hope I win, hope I lose, hope I take a trip to Europe soon lol, etc.)

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HOST: @tjeff

When you have a garden, you always have hope.


Get Outside
The leaves are just starting to turn colour
Thoughts of a snowy winter makes me shudder
Finding things to do when the the snow is deep
Sometimes I just want to stay in bed and sleep

The best remedy is just to go outside
Let your spirit rejoice and feel alive
Enjoy some fresh air and sun when you can
Then sit by the cozy fireside with a grin.

My favourite thing to do is to plan for spring
When I can get my garden shoes on again
And put my fingers into the soft, warm ground
There's always hope outside when you look araound

So just make time to go outside and savor
I just went outside and chatted to a neighbour
Between skimishes, that's a feat
and now, my little song is almost complete
And I have fresh tomatoes and zucchini
Which will make supper wholesome and easy

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Nice meta-ish song. I love to garden and reminds me of that. Nice joyous song.

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Wonderful therapeutic advice within this lovely song! Nature and the miracles of growth and new life has a way of guiding us to seeing the hope and beauty in this world. As always your delivery is beautiful to listen to. Lovely take on the skirmish prompt.

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Indeed, gardens do give us hope and are a wonderful way to connect with Mother Earth. Such a lovely cheerful tune and the meta-50/90;reference gave me a chuckle. Enjoy those garden goodies!

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Gardens always put a smile on my face and yes they make us feel hopeful, alive and they are comforting. From being outside, to leaves changing colors, to talking to a neighbor too. All good things. Nice take on the skirmish.

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Never thought of hope being a part of gardening, but it totally makes sense. Love this take on the prompt, and sort of the hope that comes with the changing seasons. Nice skirmish!

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I adore this song, it's a great take on the prompt and very relatable! I'm a first time gardener, something I never thought I'd do and I have a lot to learn but I'm loving the little that I do. This is a great tribute to the seasons, nice work and really enjoyable one.