Once Again

Once Again

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Liner Notes: 

WHAT: SS082821K

DATE: Saturday - August 28

TIME: 8am CDT (6am PDT, 9am EDT, 2pm BST, 3pm CEST, 11PM AEST etc...)

HOST: @kahlo

PROMPT: page




Once Again
Many times I have thought about the ones that got away
You learn a lot about yourself along the way
You can bait a hook and throw a line
But sometimes they don't bite
Other times you get the story of your life

I could write a book about their personalities
Some might be fun to read, others insanity
Every chapter and verse has been off the cuff
But you know I still haven't had enough

So now I' m starting over with a blank page
You would think I'd had enough and learn to disengage.
BUt here I am again with my heart in my hand
I'll take the lessons learned, you know I'm second hand
I sure hope this ones a wimnner, with no downfall
There's no dress rehearsal for that last curtain call

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Clever lyrics and a fun delivery make this a winner!

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Fantastic take and the skirmish prompt. Insightful with a lovely lilt to the melody. And kudos for using all the bonus words!

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So toe-tapping and charming! The opening "doo doo doos" are delightful, and the whole song has a life-affirming joy that I very much liked!

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Immediately, I loved this one because of the do-do-dos! The bounciness is such a nice good-morning feel, and the words are ones all writers can relate to. Good one, and a one-take, too - great skirmishing!

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Wow, some great lines! I expecially like "you can bait a hook and throw a line" and how that relates to pretty much anyone's life. Great take on the prompt. Love your positive and humorous outlook, and how you translate that into the music part of your song.

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This is a fun take on looking introspectively at your life, it's catchy and bounces along quite nicely. Well done using all the bonus words, which I didn't even see. This is a great use of the prompt and very well crafted song. Nice work!