When the fog closes in

When the fog closes in

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Liner Notes: 

Intended as an instrumental only.
Life at the Castle has been a bit dark for a few weeks. My father, who was diagnosed with leukaemia earlier this year, suffered a bad fall and has broken his hip. Because he was already weakened through the chemotherapy, he's not fit enough or strong enough for physio, so his recovery is somewhat difficult.

So I guess that's the place this track is coming from, as it's the first time I've opened the studio door in weeks because of the challenges happening back here in the real world.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Sorry to hear about your father, Paul. Tough times, for sure—just hunker down and hope for the best.

This is suitably dark and brooding and that bass is gorgeously moody. Sounding like the mighty T-Lev himself in places and very definitely right up my street.

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Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
Having gone through similar, I'll be thinking about you.
That super low bass is really appealing to me.
As @headfirstonly sez, very Levin-esque at times.
Great contrast with the electric piano line.
Nice subtle percussion.
This is a really excellent tune here; I can hear the emotion throughout.
Well done.

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Phew this is dark and moody. I could listen to just that bass/drum for a long time, those panny searing guitar bits are just some really tasteful icing and really hits even more powerfully with the subtlety and sparseness. Really great track!

Sorry to hear about your fater, hip injuries are tough in the best of times. Had just a hairline fracture, not a major break, and didn't need surgery is on my long list of injuries that I still feel some days, it was tough 3 or 4 months, and I was in my 20's. One of those injuries you don't know just how much you used that part until its hurt, and there's no avoiding it unless you're floating in water, sitting/laying down doesn't matter.

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the short track of sparse movement feels like the door of the castle is cracked open - just a crack - to get a glimpse of something moody behind the scenes. sorry to hear about your dad, sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.