Sweating on a Hot Summer Night

Sweating on a Hot Summer Night

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Liner Notes: 

This was for @Mandolinda's skirmish with the prompt of "Your favourite place to be on a hot summer night". I'm not sure it's my favorite place, but the humidity has finally broken here, so this is what I came up with.


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Verse 1
Please hand me another beer
The stars are coming out and the night is clear
The heat wave’ll be another week I hear
Sweating on a hot summer night

The humidity’s a drain from dusk ‘til dawn
I get fuzzy in my brain
And my mind starts to wane
But, boy, will I miss you when you’re gone

Verse 2
Ice cubes landing in my glass with a clink
A cool breeze wafting in my window, I think
Floating on a raft in a pond with a drink
Sweating on a hot summer night


Verse 3
The sound of a scoop going through ice cream
This is the warmest it’s been all year, it seems
A cool autumn night’s dancing in my dreams
Sweating on a hot summer night (x3)

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"A cool autumn night's dancing in my dreams" - I love this line! Amen times 10. You summed it up perfectly.

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Nothing could sound finer in my mind. Reminds me of growing up on the farm, doing all the dirty dusty work in the fields and hay mows. Nice skirmish Ken.

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Wonderfully done! You capture the hot summer night so perfectly! I loved the clink of ice, the floating in the lake, and the scooping of ice cream - wonderful images. The delivery was perfectly joyful!

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This is a really great write, and the performance even though a uke tune(uke's just make me happy) It still has the feel of some breezy, good times, early 50s poprock, like something Buddy Holly/Chuck Berry/etc. would of done. Great delivery too!

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i wasn't in on this skirmish but i'm enjoying the songs! another good lyric well delivered

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nice work! I like the fast pace and the energy- and i like the vocal phrasing- and you've hit some summer realities for sure.

(the monday skirmish that just happened was a similar theme btw)