The Best Place on a Hot Night

The Best Place on a Hot Night

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SuperSkirmish E - SS082721E

DATE/TIME: Friday August 27- 8pm CDT (6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, August 28: 2am BST, 3am CEST, 11AM AEST etc...)
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THEME/PROMPT: Your favourite place to be on a hot summer night

TAGS: super skirmish, song skirmish, SS082721E , feast

Host: @Mandolinda


The best place to be when its hot

(C)Sometimes, when it's hot and (F) humid inside
The (C) best place to cool (F) off
is out (C)the back (G) door ( F) on the (G) porch
At (C )night, there's often a (F) cool breeze
The (C )birds are all asleep in (F) their beds
So its (C)quiet and (G)peaceful and (F) I can (G) relax
And (C)look at all the (For)stars in the (C) sky

I (F)don't know much about the (G) stars in the sky
I (F) never learned the names of (G) constellations
I (F) know that ancients used (G) them to navigate
But (F) I'm just sitting her, (G) contemplating

(C) So when it's hot and sticky, and (F) humid inside
The (C) best place to cool (F) off
is out (C) the back (G) door (F) on the (G) porch
(F) under the patio (G )lights
I (C)get a cool drink and sit (F) out there
and (C) listen to the quiet (F )sounds (G )around
A (F )drop of dew falling (G) from a line
Or A (F) a cricket on the (G )grapevine
So its (C) quiet and( G )peaceful and (F )I can (G) relax
just (C) enjoy the sights and (F )sounds (G )of my (C) yard.

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"A drop of dew falling from a line/Or a cricket on the grapevine" - these are lovely "sights and sounds" of the yard. Very relaxing melody and lyrics. Thanks for hosting this round!

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I agree with [@vivalrayna] that the cricket on the grapevine is a great line. The delivery feels like a mellow summer evening. Nice.

BTW, if you put the chord names in brackets, they will show up as chord symbols above the text. I found this out by accident!

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@kenmattsson I was unaware of that myself. I just sped read through the lyric while I pushed play and thought you'd dropped an F bomb on cooling off Biggrin

Beautiful performance, and a really great description of a nice summer night! It's starting to slowly cool off a bit here today, so I'm not as grumpy as I was when you posted this prompt hahaha. Great track! thanks for hosting!

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Ahh… that captures the peace and joy of a summer night on the back porch so delightfully. It transports me to the peaceful tranquility of the place and time. Wonderful images, from the cricket to the unknown constellations. You painted a lovely picture! The easy going delivery is perfect!

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@Mandolinda, I see you used parentheses instead of square brackets for your chord names. Try the keys to the right of the "P" key on your keyboard!

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yup ive been through plenty of those nights of too hot to sleep, well said and dfelivered