Another Planet

Another Planet

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Liner Notes: 

I've had a tough day and in the heat too much, so I thought I'd write one that made me feel a bit better since it ain't real nice. Smile


Another Planet
© 2021 Cindy Prince

You were an ass
Had zero class
Kept me in fits
Made me have zits

You were a jerk
Refused to work
Kept me so crazy
Because you were so lazy

So I want you on another planet
As far away as Saturn
I want to get rid of you
Because it's the same pattern
I want you on a different planet
Maybe even Uranus
Because frankly you really are
A boil on my anus

You were too boring
So loud at snoring
Couldn't dance a lick
And a real dick

You sure weren't Cupid
Really quite stupid
You never cared about me
Shoot off to another galaxy

Repeat chorus

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Lol, this is fabulous! I have a few folks I'd be happy to send to another planet. Love the unadulterated ire of these lyrics.

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I take it it was NOT a love connection! lol
I actually lol'd at the very first line and it was great from then on.
I'm SO glad to see SOMEBODY did the Uranus thing lol
Good grief this is scathing; I love it.

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Sorry for your bad day, but hooray for getting it out in this lyric. Did a song prompt earlier this week, just breathe.

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Ha! Ha! This one is sooo funny. I think I met someone like that years ago.