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Liner Notes: 

The lovely Pluto that I learned was a planet and later got called a not-planet, and then they took it back. Pluto is resilient AF.


we dropped you
like you were replaceable
I think we were wrong.

We loved you
I think you were purple
When I learned about you in the classroom

I promise not to wait anymore
To believe you are wonderful
Take you on a date
We can spin around the sun
We can dance.

Sorry we forgot you
As if you were invisible.
I see you.

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Very enjoyable. A cool skirmish. Yup its still a planet in my eyes, I'm too old to change fast. Nice tribute

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Yay! Another Pluto fan! I love the really cool atmospheric vibe that you created here as it is punctuated by the bell tones and lyrics. Wonderful tribute to the dwarf planet!

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Hooked right from the intro! Love those spacey sounds and bells. The lyrics are delivered tenderly, with fond nostalgia. The way you space out the lyrics adds to the expansive, cosmic feel. This is great!

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Still a planet as far as I'm concerned and I have the Styrofoam models to prove it, lol! This definitely has an "interplanetary" feel to it and I like the repetitive xylophone. Even planets need the occasional validation!

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Heard the synthy wobble and I was in.
Set this cool out-there spacey atmosphere. I liked the faraway "oooh"s.
The sparseness fits the concept and the lyrics, and also the way you sing it.
"I think you were purple" for some reason that got me - really like that simple phrase..makes it more sad somehow.
The 'take you on a date' makes me feel when you regret not spending time with someone while they were still around.
Yeah this got sadder and sadder for me; but that's a mark of a great song - makes the listener emote.
And in such a short amount of time!

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So cool sounding! I feel like I've been shot off into space! Great skirmish!

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Are you actually playing a xylophone? I must investigate synth instruments. Love the effects that I hear.

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Very cool song. I like the instrumentation and the layers. Beautiful vocals. Exciting to listen to and catchy too.

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Love this. Whirring synth bed and the xylophone lead were made for each other. And the lyrics cover a topic dear to my heart. It's been 15 years since the IAU demoted Pluto at their General Assembly on August 24th 2006, and the arguments about whether or not they should have done are *still* going on!