Planet Wake Up Call

Planet Wake Up Call

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SuperSkirmish D

DATE/TIME: Friday, August 28, 2021 - 6am CDT (4am PDT, 7am EDT, noon BST, 1pm CEST, 9PM AEST etc...)

THEME/PROMPT: Write a love song to a planet, real or imagined

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss082821J, feast, Planet, Planet Love song

HOST: @Unpronounceable


Planet Wake Up Call

The Am night was hot and muggy
Sounds of C frogs noisy in the dark
F Flies were buzzin and pesky
We found a G place we could park

We Am waited and ate our popcorn
The C sounds of the night were replaced
With F horrible sound of spaceships crashing
Then G everyone appeared to be chased

F Astronauts that survived were G captured
They were C tied up in ropes and F chains
Their C captors paraded them G all around
AS they were F inspected for G damage and C pains

Their Am captors were apes, talking away
Prodding the C astronauts with glee
F Trying to break them,to show who is boss
and G everyone there did agree

That the Am captured ones were subhuman
They C wouldn't understand anything
All they were F good for was slave labour
So their G workterms would soon begin

The F humans played along for G awhile
They C figured a way to F escape
TO C find a way to get G back home again
SO they F searched for G clues in the land C scape

One Am human rode off with a woman
And C together they found some clues
They followed the F trail which led them to
SOme G horrible unsettling news

THey saw Am remnamts of civilization
Strewn all C along the coastal plain
It turned out to be F Statue of Liberty
ANd the G ending of the F story will ex C plain

How was the F earth ove G rrun by Apes
Did C humans regress back to their F roots
Because C the world was G polluted and dying
ANd the F strongest and G fittest let C loose

The F planet of the Apes was a G wake up call
To teach C humans on this planet some F lessons
We need to C pay attention to our G planet
ANd make F humans under G stand conse C quences.

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I wanted to sing harmonies instantly listening to this. I dig your creativity here -- you're very talented!

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I think you may have had an extra coffee! The mind is racing! Ha ha! But yes i see some moral as well! Nicely done

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Wow! Amazing job for a skirmish! What a story to write and sing within a short amount of time! Flows wonderfully and I love the images and how the story unfolds. I have not seen Planet of the Apes so don’t know if this has anything to do with the movie but it is a story well told in this song either way!

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At first I was at ease feeling and seeing and hearing a familiar scene on a humid muggy night back in my Michigan days.
Then I felt like a War of the Worlds situation was happening.
Then I was in Planet of the Apes!
Now...its been a long time since I saw that movie and honestly don't remember anything that happened - but I feel I'd rather listen to you sing this than watch the movie again.
Great write in such a short time.

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How did you do this for a skirmish! It's is incredible and loved my listen so much!

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Wow! This is amazing to get this much done in a skirmish. Peppy and grim at the same time!

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Good message. Yeah, we could certainly learn a lot from the original planet of the apes films. Good to see similar ideas about using that simian world to tell about our own.

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Oh my gosh Mandolinda! It is a full entire story - beginning, middle and end with a lesson to boot. I am very impressed. I enjoyed the music and singing as it went along. So good Smile

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This is a great story, very thought-provoking. I like the cheery mandolin and clear vocals.