Take Heart

Take Heart

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Liner Notes: 

Joy Division reference FTW? :p

I wanted more time on this one. Didn't have time to make sense :p


Take heart.
Love will tear us apart.
Take heart.

Don't start.
Just take heart.
For your sustenance.

Do what you have to do
to take heart.
Cuz love, love will tear you apart.

Take heart.
As you move.

Take heart.
Take this heart.
Let that go.

Long slow spirals.

Take heart
Cuz love will tear you apart.
Don't stop, take heart.

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I love the concise lyrics and how they layer on top of the sound wall of music you created. It is effective and engaging in a compelling kind of way that seems to drive home the message to take heart.

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I like the static-y industrial feel to this. It's very dramatic with almost a Bjork vibe!