The Girl Sings

The Girl Sings

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SuperSkirmish C - SS082721C

DATE/TIME: Friday August 27- 4pm CDT (2pm PDT, 5pm EDT, 10pm BST, 11pm CEST, August 28: 7AM AEST etc...)

THEME/PROMPT: Tears/Hold your tears/Dry your tears/She had no tears/Tears and Smiles/Never showed his tears...

TAGS: super skirmish, song skirmish, SS082721C, feast

Host: @musicsongwriter


The Girl Singer

It was a premiere
and everyone was there
to listen to the young girl
with the wayward stare

The audience was assembled
ANd the house light dimmed down
The house band started up
And the spotlight came on

Center stage was a young girl
SHe looked frail and forlorn
Her clothes were tattered
And she just looked down

THen the music paused
and the girl looked up
SHe began to sing
As the band did a start up

Her voice was clear
She looked out to the distance
The melody flowed out
Without resistance

The audience held their breath
Not a sound or a murmur
All eyes were fixed
On the young performer

Her lyric was sad
And the whole crowd sighed
As the young girl cried out
Sounds were amplified

THen the solo was finished
THe girl gave a bow
THere was not a dry eye
She had moved them somehow.

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Fabulous story telling sung beautifully! It truly conveys the magic of how music moves us! Great take on skirmish!

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I love how you paint the moments, especially this lyric:
"Her voice was clear
She looked out to the distance
The melody flowed out
Without resistance"

Very sweet Smile

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What an original take on a prompt! So sweet and moving. This is my favourite of yours. So pretty!