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Liner Notes: 

This is what sprung to mind for the skirmish "Road" theme.

Thanks @vivalarayna for hosting and for the theme.

Theme = Road


There's a mirage in the road
Up ahead and I'm sure
It's not what it appears to be
On this 12 hour road tour

There's a mirage in the road
In the distance I see
It looks like something is growing
Could that really be a tree?

When you're on the highway
Illusions look real
Adjusting to nature
The beauty surreal

There's a mirage in the road
Playing games with my eyes
And as I approach it changes
With the horizon's sunrise

Sunfire © 2021

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Lovely and poetic as it took my mind to envision the beauty ahead! Nicely done!

vivalarayna's picture

Nice take on the prompt! "There's a mirage in the road/Playing games with my eyes". Those lines almost feel like they could be a metaphor.

Chip Withrow's picture

That's a really cool take on the prompt, and I can picture an expanse of highway with your words. Driving into the sunrise is a nice, hopeful ending, too. Good one!

Belladonna's picture

Nice and different take on the prompt of "road". Very poetic.

tjeff's picture

Excellent direction you took on this prompt! I love looking at mirages in the road and imagining what it might or could be. I like the sense of expectation in your lyric.

coolparadiso's picture

As a often long distance driver, i really get this, good write. I can see this summer fuel mirage we get!

Gwyn Jones's picture

These words capture the deception of a long haul drive and the tricks that a tired mind can play on you...really good!

Mandolinda's picture

The hot sun beating off the road creating deceptive images.interesting take on the road skirmish.