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Liner Notes: 

This concludes the Cacao saga. It's the 4th and last track I wrote that day, and I finally got back to it and finished it.


I offer you decompression
In exchange for my elation
There's absolutely no frustration
I only offer compassion

If you find yourself alone out on the street
Lacking joy, lacking people to meet
I'll remind you most people suck
So come on friend, pucker up

If you find yourself without a clue of who you are
If you're feeling mighty strange and bizarre
Don't forget you're just a figment of my song
It's me that's strange, you only came along

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This makes me want to go to a club and just... sway... the vocal line for the primary theme is great, and well supported by the mix. The second theme is suitably creepy. The synthesis is pretty busy, but doesn't lose the groove. Really enjoyed this