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Liner Notes: 

[ Inspo ]

“you clearly have the technique. so why are you not prepared?” - failed classical piano performance university audition, 2018

a concert six months from now - FINNEAS

Adam: Giselle ballet solo

[ Keywords ]

Frustration, Justice, Dance, Panic, Solo, Bitter, Opportunity, Missed

[ Story ]

There’s a ballerina who’s been practicing day and night for a very special audition, but couldn’t concentrate on the day and blew it because she was shaken and brokenhearted from things unrelated to ballet.

Julliard is cutthroat and the juries brutally honest.

She failed the audition.

After everyone left, she danced alone on the stage.

She started doing multiple pirouettes without stopping, albeit a little recklessly all the way towards the end.

And then ended with a bow to an audience that doesn't exist.

It was a perfect dance.

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This is a beautiful song that conveys the emotions you were going for. I love the back story, I was able to picture it in my mind while listening.

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100% can see this play out in my head.
Has the triumph and also the sadness come through.
In my head, the piano is her doing her movements and the strings and the mellotron are representing the emotions, the sadness and the disappointment.
But she gonna dance her dance and perform ANYWAY.
This was lovely.

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Oh my, this is beautiful! Firstly, you are a very talented and emotive pianist. I'd love to hear more of your compositions. Your stories are fascinating, too.