Listen Up

Listen Up

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Liner Notes: 

When: Wednesday Skirmish August 25th 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

Theme: Listen/Listening - do you need someone to listen? Are you the someone who listens... or wish they had been? Is someone not listening to you?

Tags: skirmish, songskirmish, s082521, feast, listen

What: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*

Host: @vivalarayna


Listen Up

A while ago, I thought about the things I'd like to Do
Before , you know, I part this earthly home
My friends asked me what would you like to do,
Before it's time to say Shalom?.

I thought awhile and did a bit of research
Into places on most people's bucket lists
But I asked myself, "Self" do you really want to go?"
OR stay home and really just get pissed.

BUt did I listen?
Did I pay attention to myself?
Did I even try?
I just kept on doing the day in day out thing
ANd now , is there enough time to get it done.
I should have made an effort all along.

Now I tried to figure out why I didnt listen to myself
Did I think I was just being crazy
SOmetimes even I can't stand a whiny, needy voice
or maybe I was just BEING lazy.
Or Did I feel it was just too greedy
Doing all thos fun things for myself

So if your friend, asks you to go out tonight
take your friends advice.
The dirty dishes will still be there
To clean up another time
be attentive to some things you might do
act on it, dont be negative
Dont end your life with regrets
When there are no other alternatives.

Pay attention to yourself
and give some things a try
you need to get some things done, while youre young and alive
enjoy some time with friends and carve out time for yourself
ANd if you wait too long,
you will have to listen to the entertainment directors
at your old folks home.

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@Mandolinda, your songs always make me smile. This is a beautiful reminder of how precious time is and that we shouldn't squander it. Your asides really seal it - the sign of frustration, "and that might be... awful"... just perfect. Great advice in a delightful package.

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I love the way your voice and mandolin strumming fit together, it's very nice all the time. Excellent take on the prompt, I can relate so much to the topic of your lyric, and it's some really great advice for everyone. I hope I can heed the message you are singing about. Love the sigh in there too! And such a great closing line!!

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Oooh I almost missed hearing this one. I love this and it's so true we should listen to ourselves more often. In a world where we're so disconnected from each other, many of us at times are often not even listening to our own thoughts, feelings and needs. Really good. Enjoyed it!

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I love the message of this song, however "But I asked myself, "Self" do you really want to go?" / OR stay home and really just get pissed." may be one of favorite lines ever. This is a great use of the prompt and really fun song about seizing the day. Nice work, skirmish or not!

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Blame yourself for not listening to yourself and all you missed out on. I love it. Listen to yourself next time!
Entertainment directors LOL!
Great work for a skirmish, my friend.

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You did all this in an hour? Impressive!

It's poignant and funny, and full of joy. I'm continually impressed with how you're stretching in your songwriting and taking chances. Keep going!