We Fight

We Fight

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Liner Notes: 

I am number 3 in the Lyrics Morph 3. @Kahlo started with a super seed song 'Demons of Affairs'. @vivalarayna morphed that into an incredible demon revenge lyric.

Now it's time for us to fight back!

I had a hard to time including 50% of vivalarayna's lyrics, but I did my best. Hope it's ok.


We Fight

Dangerous like black mold
Evil grows
Eternal as the darkness
It bestows
A fire so cold
That it burns

Twisting your perceptions
With illusions and deceptions
Until your screams are silenced
You can not escape
The point of no return

But, where there is dark
There is the Army of Light
We counter the demon vice
Before it's too late, we fight

We fight
Nightmares that haunt the mind
We fight
Shadows undefined
We fight
Whispers under your bed
We fight
The acrid smoke that demons spread

We are the protectors
Of mankind
Assertions of hope bring
Peace of mind
We are the collectors
Contend with the specters
As you fall

Evil knows how to play
It will con, pervert and betray
Wildfires of emotion burn
Unscathed is your eternal soul
When together we stand tall


The world is a beautiful place
Caught in a demonic embrace
When hearts are bruised
And souls confused
We're the masterminds of liberty
We fight to set you free


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This is fabulous! I love the change in direction of the chorus that creates a sense of empowerment - that we can conquer the darkness and demons! What a fantastic morph of the great previous lyric! That last stanza is especially poignant and compelling given all that has been happening across this world!

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CALL NETFLIX! This would be a great theme song for their new series The Protectors!! Sell it Baby!!!

Typically not my genre but this is great ! You guys morphed a major hit in my eyes, great work!


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Wouldn't that be awesome! Wish I knew some people at Netflix. I will have to check that series out too.

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Great job!! I love the defiant direction you took with this. Agree - that last verse is really perfect. It definitely feels very relatable to our current times and enjoyably dramatic.

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Oooooooooh, really dark, strong, and altogether gripping. I especially love the chorus with its sudden thread of hope and even poignancy. Good work. Smile

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Nice write. I haven’t been following the morph, but you have some mighty fine lyrics here.

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I like the flip of the POV and story theme. Note to self that there is more to morph in a lyric than just the words. This is killer and well done!