Do your thing

Do your thing

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks for letting me work on this Kristi!

Love these uplifting lyrics (by Kristi). I was channeling Sam Cooke with this one!


Don’t let the raindrops on the window
Start to cloud your view
Think of them as stars
That light a way for you

Don’t let the mindset of a crowd
Make you lose your place
Point your chin to the north
And keep your dreams straight

You are free
You are the key
So do your best
When you do your thing
Light a flare
When there’s something you need
But do your best
When you do your thing

When you play chess with a master
Try to learn the moves
Wisdom knows the right time to
Risk the things you could lose

When you’re at the top of your game
Be grateful and kind
All the gems you so treasure
Will never lose their shine

You are free
You are the key
So do your best
When you do your thing
Light a flare
When there’s something you need
But do your best
When you do your thing

No one’s gonna tell you life is easy
We all live day to day
The world’s gotta spin no matter the season
And we all want our chance to play

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Wow! This is so pretty! Kristi's lyrics and yes I think you were channeling Sam Cooke!

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When I first saw this lyric I knew it would make for a great song. And voila! here it is!
Loving the bluesy twists and turns in the vocal, that breathy drop in "best" is magic.
Great collab! Well done, both of you! Smile

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This is a hell of a good collaboration, you nailed the Sam Cooke vibe which suites the lyrics perfectly! The lyrics are so uplifting and hopeful, that chorus is pure genius. The arrangement elevates the lyrics to something even more special and the delivery feels effortless, like you'd be sitting in song circle and go into this song and people's jaws would drop at how unexpectedly amazing this it.

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Loved Kristi's lyric and enjoying so much the musical delivery. Beautiful music, singing and playing. Very special atmosphere here. The lyrics and music are very connected and a pleasure to listen to. Very inspiring work.

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yup i see the influence from the first note! top marks coz he was a great to me! i really liked this lyric as well! lovely collab But hey its Kristi and Serene it would be more a surprise if i didn't like it Smile

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This really showcases your voice, which sounds splendid as always! Love the Sam Cooke vibes, they really suit the uplifting, soulful lyrics. And that bit towards the end where you break out the really high notes… perfect!

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Hey Serene! I love the bluesy take on this! Sam Cooke...yay. Your vocal is expressive and pretty! The way you accent certain words makes a huge impact! I enjoyed how the chorus takes off and how that last chorus is heightened. It's truly a pleasure to listen to you interpret the lines and delve into the song with your vocals & guitar. It's quite special and makes you want to say, "more"! Thank you so much for giving my lyric life!

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I could listen to you sing all day. The bluesy vocals are just beautiful. I love the positive uplifting lyrics. They have nice attitude too, and it comes through perfectly as you sing it. A fantastic collaboration!

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Long Time Coming is one of my all-time favorite songs; many emotions and memories tied to that one.
And you strike a lot of that feel, a lot of the reason why I love that song here in the chorus.
This is another one of those instances where the lyrics and the music/vocals were just made for eachother.
Timely and important (for me, right now especially as I falter with...many things), these lyrics lend themselves perfectly to this soulful delivery.
Excellent writing, excellent sangin'.
This was awesome.

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Very nice! I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, but yeah excellent write and performance here! I think you both had some Sam Cooke channeling going on. Great work all around.

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Your voice is so so so beautiful and serene just like your name. Such a beautiful song.

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such a headnodding slow groove. great lyrics and the vocals suit them really well, i love how you sing stars and the bluesy hints. what a great collab.

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Beautiful uplifting lyrics. I love the line “wisdom knows the right time to risk the things you can lose”. That resonates well for me. Fantastic singing and playing Serene. You’ve been on a roll this 50/90. Really top notch…

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Such a great song. The simple approach of vocals and guitar really work with the awesome lyrics. Loved listening to this.