The Affairs of Demons

The Affairs of Demons

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Liner Notes: 

@kahlo wrote a beautiful piece for the Lyric-only Morph 3 seed song called "Demons of Affairs" (*49782). Well, I couldn't help myself and had to write a little death metal-style revenge song called "The Affairs of Demons".

See, demons are a cranky bunch and get right displeased if we start meddling in things that don't concern us mortals. Demons have a very particular set of skills. Skills they have acquired over a very long (since time eternal) career. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like us. It's best to not piss them off.

TL;DR: Leave the demons alone or suffer torment in this life and the next.

NOTE: This is my first attempt at a Morph, so I hope I kept to the challenge! @AndreaB is up next!


The Affairs of Demons

Suspicions and assumptions
Grow dangerous like black mold
Conspicuous consumption
Eternally mining for Fool's gold
And you stare into the darkness
Can you see us in the darkness?

Twisting your perceptions
Contorting your conclusions
Dealing in deceptions
Caught in our web of illusions
And your screams fill the silence
You can't escape the silence

Oh, you will love the vice
But you won't know the price
Until it's too late

We're shadows beyond moonlight
We're nightmares after midnight
We're whispers under your pillows
We're the acrid smoke that billows
We're the consequence that beacons
When you meddle in
The affairs of demons

Conned by your conjectures
As you fall to false assertions
Perverted by protectors
Crushed by loyalists' desertions
Caught in betrayal's ravine
You're betrayed in this ravine

Indicted by contentions
Haunting your eternal days
Wildfires of emotions
Burning as your soul decays
Where has the beauty gone?
The world's beauty is long gone


Spare us the excuses
Your future lies in fragments
We're masterminds of abuses
Versed in the art of torment
When hearts are bruised
And souls are fused
We can revel in your discontent


© 2021 R. C. Richardson
All Rights Reserved

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Ha! This is a fantastic morph! I love the direction that you took the lyrics and flipped the hook! Really effective!

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Really good with some very creative, original lines. Yes, we all have them from time to time.

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This took @kahlo's already dark lyrics and just dragged them right down to the depths of hell and I love it. Great job building on what was already there but still making it your own. This would definitely make an epic metal song.

Side Note: I laughed so hard at "TL;DR: Leave the demons alone or suffer torment in this life and the next.", my wife and I watch YouTube videos where they read Reddit threads and we came across "TL;DR" in one. I had to ask her what that meant. She laughed so hard and called me an out of touch old lady. I'm and she's years older than me...

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Duuuuuuuuude! Wink

I had to come over and search out your own Apocalyptic Death Metal efforts. Was not disappointed! Thanks for your comments on my song yesterday!