Why Isn't Anyone Listening to my Song?

Why Isn't Anyone Listening to my Song?

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Liner Notes: 

Is this just a transparent and somewhat pathetic plea for someone to listen to and comment on my other song (The Derelict's Song, *49986, now a four day old zong)?

Oh surely not! Totally unrelated! But, you know, inspiration where you find it and all that...

Just to be clear, big Catalytic Perverter fan here.


Cleaned it up, sounded good
Made sure the words could be understood
Then I added some notes and
Pushed it on through

I wrote some comments, checked on back
Wrote some more then got a snack
And checked again
Every hour or two

Why isn’t there anyone listening to my song?
Did the upload fail? Do my vocals flail?
what did I do wrong?

After a day or so, I start to get a bit concerned
But it’s the middle of summer, everyone’s off
When they get back my song will get its turn

But then I notice that the number of zongs
doesn’t seem to increase
Just some lyrics only, some open jams
And my poor neglected piece

Why isn’t anyone listening or commenting on my song?
Does it somehow offend? Now I can’t pretend
Something must be really wrong!

Maybe I missed a point of etiquette
I bet I made someone really upset
That’s happened before, but not today
All my other songs are getting some play

Maybe this one is just really bad
It’s out of tune or makes everyone mad
But I listen again, and nothing needs to be saved
I like it a lot, I star it as a fave!

I guess it’s impossible to justify
The ebb and flow of eyes online
Just have to accept the fact
Sometimes a song falls through the cracks

And maybe in week or so
After working through the jams of plain white toast
Someone will notice that song of mine
And they’ll listen in, and write me a line

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very clever writing on this! Funny, and I'll get over to that other song! I've been in the same place with some of my song. I think you're right that it's a summer weekend.

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I was on my way to listen to said song as I'm next in line for the morph, but of course this title caught my eye Biggrin

This is a great meta 50/90 tune, great fun performance too!

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ha!!! I have had this same thought with almost every song I post! After a decade and a half of doing this, it does seem that at the beginning of each of the challenges (like feb 1 thru 3rd for fawm, july 4 thru 8 for 50/90) there's alot of listeners and fewer songs, but later on, commenting drops off more and more. Hang in there!

this is a creative and fun meta-songwriting song!! great work!

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well i listened here and liked. If its actually relevant or was just an opportunity for another song Smile
i dont listen to morph songs unless i've been part of them or followed them through!

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im always listening. one thing ive learned from fawm and 50 90 is the importance of titles. when i have a song that few people listen to, a weak or offensive title is usually the cause. and so we discover the lure of incorporating misleading clickbait into a title.

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Lol, love the shameless meta-50/90 scubbing for comments here! Fwiw, I think several of us have been off our commenting game the past week. Yes, the ebb and flow of it all. I do love that it inspired this piece from you and I'm off to listen to The Derelict's Song pronto!

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Hahaha yeah, this is so great and speaks to the insecurity deep inside all of us.
Great humour here.
Really nice performance.
That title is the best, though.

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oh yeah, I feel your pain. I once wrote a song about my zong. I suspect we all feel this way from time to time. I've kinda found if I really like my own song, no one else does. :P This is very funny. You can't go wrong with a meta song here. We love them. Thanks for sharing your deep, dark insecurities. Now I feel better. Smile