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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt: beloved

I can't hear this word without going straight to Toni Morrison. Why fight it?


You were my best thing
The better part of me
I’m going to keep you safe
Put you where they can’t take you
you, my best thing

If I can’t give you more
For all that I adore
Your memory I’ll save
Your name to mark a grave
Free, free forevermore

You were my best thing
The better part of me
Though I waste away
I devote myself night and day to you
To you, my best thing

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Quietly and starkly powerful and beautiful song. Great care taken with both guitar and vocal. And that solo is an extra delight. Excellent skirmishing!

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I like the subdued vibe of the guitar. The vocals and melody take me back a few years. Well done on the skirmish!

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Beautiful sounding tune. Vocals, guitar and lyric all work well together.

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So moving and heartfelt. Wonderful performance. Thanks for skirmishing

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This is really strong. it starts so quietly and builds to great emotion. The guitar solo is very effective.

cola's picture

This is gorgeous, evokes a strong feeling of loneliness from the speaker's love and loss. Lovely work!

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Poignant and compelling. What a gorgeous lyric that conveys such a strong loving sentiment for someone now gone. It tugs at my heart big time. I love the pacing and phrasing you bring to it - perfectly delivered. Beautiful.

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I can feel the passion in your vocal delivery, very powerful. Love the crescendo that happens in the 2nd stanza. Super-cool sounding solo.

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This is hauntingly beautiful, there is a great alternative vibe to this that I connected with write away. You use space very effectively, there is a lot being said but you are restrained in your use of lyrics. That instrumental and solo are great, they bring us into the final verse to sum things up perfectly. This is a solid song, skirmish or not. Really nice work!