The Companion

The Companion

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Liner Notes: 

You ever have an experiment that doesn't really work, but you can't bring yourself to throw it away? Do you also grab the nearest idea that you haven't been able to use and meld the two into a spoken word monstrosity that only barely counts as a song? Well anyway, that's what I do.


uncomfortable, at home and at work
Itches and nerves, a feeling something
Crawling across the neckline
Reach to catch, itch to scratch, nothing there

Spotted in the rear-view
Pale blue spider peeking under the ear
Drove half a mile staring at each other
Almost hit a semi

Caught a glimpse, now and then, only in the mirror
Invisible to this world. Made welcome, it has family, friends
Wove a cloak to surround, pale gossamer blue
Feel it all around the world won’t get through

Now in the mirror, hundreds skitter through clothes and hair
Whisper soft and comforting, meaning isn’t clear
Wear armor of a million threads, a shell of woof and fold
So cool, so cold

Woke up this morning, couldn’t move
Opened eyes, nothing but blue

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Oh yeah, I combine stuff all the time.
That backing track is great in the headphones, especially that snake guitar.
I'm absolutely loving your vocal approach to the lyrics.
Super little horror story in the lyrics for sure.
This Frankenstein track of yours is exemplary.
I really enjoyed my listen very much.

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Gaaahhhh, those lyrics are nightmare fuel. I'm sitting here, trying to resist a sudden urge to scratch the back of my neck.

(But I am here for experiments in 5/4. The fast delay on the rhythm guitars really builds that skittery vibe.)