The Comedown

The Comedown

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Liner Notes: 

The third of the four songs I wrote that day a couple of weeks ago with the cacao.
When I finished the arrangement today I was kinda meh about it. Distanced myself from it for an hour, then listened again, and liked it as is. Figured I was overly self critical before for whatever reason.


It's early in the night
And things are, well, alright
Today didn't really go as planned
Things went okay, I'm just underwhelmed

Let's pretend I'm coming down
For the sake of one more song
But I've stopped pretending, it's been a while
I'm just back to my normal style

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Sometimes the best thing we can do with our music is just get out of the way and see what it wants to do. I really like this one, particularly that ghostly piano.

Lyrics really resonate, too. Life can be pretty average sometimes (obviously), but that part doesn't tend to end up in pop songs.