You Left Me Just in Time

You Left Me Just in Time

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Liner Notes: 

Geoff61 sent me the saddest sweetest set of lyrics that touched me deeply. I went into a sort of Sondheim meets Angela Lansbury and Sarah McGlachlan on a wistful night along the Moors. Add to that my own deep longings in all manners of love. Enjoy.


You Left Me Just in Time- Geoff Matthews lyrics and Sonya Heller music

I saw the moss on the railway track
And I took that as a sign.
I walked a million miles for you
But you left me just in time.

A butterfly has no sad goodbye
He lives for just one day.
No memories to contemplate
As he goes on his way.

On his way,
He goes on his way.
I see him float and fly,
And I think of you.
I saw the moss,
Oh it was a sign.
You left me just in time.
Just in time.

The green leaves fall through dappled light
They rest on the lake below.
The beauty’s there but I can’t see
I have lost that sense I know.

Our wooden rail holds no fairy tale
The names are fading fast.
Nothing good has lingered here
I am alone at last.

Alone at last
I am alone at last.
No nothing lingers here
But I think of you.
The green leaves fall
Oh it was a sign,
You left me just in time.
Just in time.

Our magic path,
Our sanctuary,
I miss you so,
Do you miss me?
I linger but I just can’t see
The beauty no more.
I lost you to,
The other side,
Where once we laughed,
Now I just sigh.
I linger but I just can’t say
Goodbye, goodbye.
I just can’t say goodbye.

I saw the moss on the railway track
And I took that as a sign.
I walked a million miles for you
But you left me just in time.

Just in time.

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If i didn't know you already, i would have to listen after reading those liner notes! Lovely intro, very nice piano and excellent quality and timing on the vox. Very Sarah McLachlin to my ear. Very nice lyric that inspired this.

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The poignancy in the beautiful poetry of this lyric is magical and moving. A brilliant write that tugs at my heart. And the emotive piano ballad is absolutely gorgeous - drawing out the sentiment of the words and drawing me in, immersing me in the moment, and bringing tears to my eyes. Absolutely wonderful collaboration.

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wow, wow and triple wow! I haven't been active on here for about ten days, and running into this first is such a joy- its a devastating and powerful lyric made even more powerful by that musical setting and vocal & piano performance- amazing! this really needs to get out there! Smile great work, both of you!

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This really is beautiful. The lyrics ring real and the way you've added music and melody, Sonya, makes it just a heartbreaking personal moment of reflection on love lost but still yearned for. The bridge is just so extra touching.... those goodbyes.... super nice....Very well done both of you! Great collab!

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some of the things i like about the song are its lyrical vagueness. the meaning of the ti tke phrase is way open to interpretation, making it universal,,,,,and .the variety of musical forms employed in the vaious segments, each part complementing the others without conflict..sonyas wonderful voice and musical sense holding it all together in one cohesive piece.

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This is talent!! Such a beautiful presentation of the lyrics. What an emotional and captivating performance.....i listened to every note and breathe! Sarah...who! -;)

Super super collab.

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What a gorgeous song, on every level: words, music, vocals. Such a lovely melody. Outstanding collaboration, you two. Smile

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The emotion is palpable.
This could be a show stopper in musical theatre.
The lyrics are so sweet and heartbreaking.
Sonya...your voice soars and your piano playing and the feel you give the music are wonderful.
Wonderful collaboration

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I really love this song! It’s one you can listen to many times and hear something new each time. Wonderful!

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'Sondheim meets Angela Lansbury and Sarah McGlachlan'. Lol. Those words are fabulous, the little detail of the moss on the railway track and what that opens up is so well observed. Then the piano playing is beautiful and classy, and your vocal is impressive as ever. I love those little moments where you go into a falsetto and your voice almost but not quite breaks up. Loved this one too!