Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

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Liner Notes: 

Another new genre for me.

Last night I went to see incredibly talented Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear. The lyrics to one of their songs included the line "ebb and flow", so I thought, "that's the title for my next song". So this one is heavily influenced by their celtic influenced music and has some instrumental midi fun at the end.

It was great to be back to live music, especially as it was at the wonderfully atmospheric Trading Boundaries venue.


We've spent restful days
With our familes and stayed
On the land
We've drunk many ales
And mended our sails
By our hand

But soon we must be
Back to the sea
Another long trip
Feeling the ship
Ebb and flow

The mountains are high
But it's the endless sky
That we seek
They wave from the shore
As we head out for more
Sailing weeks

The salt from the spray
Will wash doubts away
Land loving is not
The gene that we've got
Ebb and flow

Fading in the distance
Far, far away
And we feel
Oh how we feel
The moving tide's
Ebb and flow

Alone with the ocean
All our emotions
Are here
The soft gentle breeze
Turns to storm and unleashes
Our fear

And as the tide turns
Our hearts often yearn
For the safety of home
Not needing to roam
Ebb and flow

Fading in the distance
Far, far away
And we feel
Oh how we feel
The moving tide's
Ebb and flow

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I am lyrically influenced by tides, sun and moon etc so this grabbed me straight away. It reminded me of something at the start maybe just a style! A song i am likely to return to, not that catchy pop but a real song that will be as good next week, next year. This is what i personally call a classic, let alone that crazy instrumental. Bravo!

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This is so rich, real and alive! As if I'm there listening to it live. Wonderful!

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You're pretty good at this music-making thing. You seem able to work in genre. The strumming is great. I love the way you mix up the rhythm of the vocal with the "ebb and flow" part. The whole thing is super catchy and compelling. I had to go do something mid-song, and I found myself singing this in my head. Dang, nice instrumental!

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love the brisk rhythms of the guitar and how your vocals sail across them, dropping lyrical jewels in their passing.

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Mmm, this is a tasty dish. The "Shoreline..." is just such a lovely hooky chorussy bit. Well done on that. But it all works so nicely. The confident strumming makes for a great engine room for this song. Oooh, the outro solo is so busy and folky... sounds great. Unwarranted comparison: mid-late period XTC feel, in the best way.

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With tags 'Celtic' and 'sea' I was excited to hear this. I played it for my husband too since he craves Celtic music. Great lyrics - I was totally immersed, and the end was tense and emotional. The music is fantastic. It fits so perfectly. TWO thumbs up from me (and my hubby)!