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Liner Notes: 

I started this song before any others during 50/90. To get me jumpstarted I used lyric cloud (three times) and used as many of these words as I could:

'baby balloon bought burst corpse cost discretion fated gave girl half jumping maroon married mercy moon navigate owned pressure rise royal sentence stand step strange turn'

'add alley back blind cart cats constant dice fears feel full handed hate head intrigues jokers juggle justice killas lives nowadays pen puzzled ruler strife struggle'

'again bandits bigger boom boomerang bound dancing exploding go gonna heart highways karma lost love noose playing proud rhythm rub seat threw twisting wanna yeah year'

It was not jelling and I thought there was more than one song here. So I thought I would let it roll around a little while, which turned into six weeks. Decided to finish it one way or the other tonight so I did some quick editing and threw some chords at it generally in the key of A. The F was actually supposed to be F#sus4 but I wrote it down wrong and after I played it I liked it better that way. Recorded as a one take and posted before I changed my mind.


remove chords

If I throw a balloon
Or even just let go of the string
It floats away
High into the sky
Pressure push to rise upwards where its harder to navigate
Maroon discretion led to half-jumping seemed fated
Balloon burst at the cost of a baby a royal sentence
Took a strange turn where what I bought owned me and gave the moon a stand

As I'm blindfolded I don't know which is which
One to let go or one to catch
Blindfolded balancing balloons, juggling balls, and catching boomerangs
Which one will help me
Which one will hurt me

If I throw a juggling ball
It falls back towards me
I can either catch it or throw it again
Or let it fall to the floor
Where it may hit me in the foot
Or thud on the concrete and roll away
To a blind alley of constant fears
Add a headed head nowadays
Back where cats feel full from eating rats and hate jokers
Rolling the dice in their lives and juggling balls

Repeat chorus

Yeah if I throw a boomerang
And it doesn't get knocked out of the air
It comes spinning back towards me
I have to catch it carefully
Or it could hurt me badly
Exploding heart into red and blue blood shadows dancing again
Bigger highways passing lost love twisting on its axis
Sitting along the road gonna rub karma to watch it go boom
Markers wanna clear the bounds playing rhythm at max volume

Repeat chorus
Blindfolded (repeat and fade)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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you are definitely going through a more rocky phase and i am liking it! good lyric a lot in it - very good!

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Great vibe. Specially like the different ups and downs in the mood of the song. Lovely

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I'm liking the acoustic punk vibe here.
So much energy in your guitar work.
Great work on assembling these lyrics.
The simple one-take production really works well with this one.
I really enjoyed this a lot.

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Reading the list of things it gave you, I think Lyriccloud was deliberately messing with you. The fact that you got something this cool out of it is a testament to your storytelling abilities. Liking the aggression in the guitar.

And dang, "which one will hurt me" is both a fine hook and a question for the ages...