Delusions of Competence

Delusions of Competence

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by despair over the dishevelled one's latest porky: he claimed to have observed a minute's silence for the victims of the Plymouth shooting at 11 o'clock, issuing an official photograph of himself doing so.

But Bozo had forgotten to hide his watch, which showed that he'd done no such thing. Instead, he'd grabbed a cynical opportunity for a quick photo call at 11:14 am...

And while we're talking about numbers, this is in 7/8 so I feel justified in classing it as prog.


Do you choose order in what you do?
Or is it chaos that works for you?
Can you explain the way you act?
Or do you just rationalize, after the fact?

Brought up to believe
that we should trust the ones who rule
If we see that they deceive
and let them, then who's the bigger fool?

Most of your skills are still lacking
It's not that hard to spot
Don't think of me as attacking
something that we both know you ain't got
You've spent your whole life in slacking
Lounging around on your luxury yacht
It's time that we sent you packing
Your competence ain't worth squat

Please justify each choice you make
Your paradoxical approach
Can you be honest while on the take?
Remain a gamekeeper, yet poach?

Do you still think that we'll believe
the unending lies you spout
or are you at last beginning to conceive
you'll end up being voted out?

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Is that the sound of a new dawn breaking? This is very nice. 7/8 sounds great - its amazing that I don't really notice such a fundamental thing unless someone tells me. The production, as ever sounds really good - spacious, proggy, and the guitar sounds are really lovely - I just don't know how to make them sound so expansive... monolithic.
Nice choice of subject matter, and good words. Maybe a bit too optimistic, but maybe I'm just a miserable middle aged grump. Very good, as always.

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even though the accents place it in 7/8 there is an underlying rock structure th t can be counted as 4/4/ so i would say call it a rock song with a progressive drum arrangement

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There is another type than grumpy ol man! Its a cool song and i like the sneak in of gamekeeper, poacher

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I don't think many politicians think ahead; they just react and do stuff and then try to fit it in to a narrative.
I'm liking the odd time sig; it really kicks this up a notch.
Great vocal delivery - your frustration is evident.
Really nice energy here.
Good headphone mix; I'm liking the subtle panning back and forth.
Ah, what a wonderful ending!!