Black Cherry [*revised 2x's - piano, backing vocals]

Black Cherry [*revised 2x's - piano, backing vocals]

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* Updated 04Sept2021
Added Piano (Live, not a plug-in): @Roddy

* Updated 06Sept2021
Added Backing Vocals: @Anaezia


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Just perfect! So deceptively simple and yet there is so much going on here. I really like the guitar and doubled vocals telling the story so very well. 'another side to me' is a particularly good line from your lyrics.

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Beautiful collab. Love the simple melody that really makes the lyrics shine.

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Very nice musical arrangement and good vocal.

All I can think of when I hear "Black Cherry" is that it was my favorite soda pop back when I was a kid--and it was hard to shake that off.

Nice collaboration, guys!

Love the growly vocals. Really nice overall!

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I love the double vocals. It feels so alive. A really lovely song!

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I know I listened to this, but once again probably didn't hit save on the comment Biggrin I don't remember what I had to say on a first listen, other than Black Cherry was my favorite soda as well, and this is a glorious love song and ode to that lovely black cherry soda hahaha.

The double vocal almost always works, at least when you do it, but it really works great with this one since there is a little different feeling in each line, they mesh together nicely.

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My only nitpick with the piano added would be you weren't together at the same crappy smoke filled bar playing this at the same time so there's not a big instrumental break with some audience interaction Biggrin

It does give it a different feel, really great stuff all around!

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Might as well add a horn and string section while you're at it Biggrin

Sounds great!