The Derelict's Song

The Derelict's Song

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Liner Notes: 

Morphing, morphing, morphing. What to keep, what to change.

I kept the form, an acoustic country waltz, though I brutalized it to something like 6/8 for the verses. I kept the chords, switching the verses and choruses. I kept about half the words, but rearranged them a bit. I brought my own theme.

HERE is the morph string:
Music Morph 3
1. Seed song @wacha *48834
2. @kahlo *49397
3. @mikehex this song
4. @nate.gerry
5. @dzd
6. @wacha

You're up @nate.gerry!


(G) scraping up (C) nickels and dimes
(D) find an odd job to keep you (G) alive
follow your nose (C) through the night
(D) to take what the city provides

Roll another number, roll another Joe
Show him to a bar, show him to a hole
Keep that rhythm rolling, shake a’one and two
You may survive what you do

Sometimes you think you’re a prophet
To tempt their souls with fortune or fame
Til they find that key in their pocket
Gateway to desire or shame
And you know so well how to walk through it all
The tales to tell the marks and how they’ll fall

Breathe out all your thoughts
Let that empty feed your soul
Let it press against your heart
Feel it try to make you whole
If money is a god, the whole world’s a living prayer
You will have your own reward, Hallelujah, god is here

(D) (A) (G) (D)
Sing when your heart has something to say
Sometimes you don’t know
How a body makes it through the day
But at night you’re never all alone

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I'm impressed. Haven't listened to the other songs, but interesting what you've done here. Like the vocals, and great instrumentation. It's a catchy lyric too.

Glad to break your Zong!

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I really love the feel of this! It sways in a very quirky almost drunken staggery way, not your performance just the whole rhythm/melody of it. I find it quite endearing. I'm sure I'll have a blast with this one! No clues what I'll change yet, but should be fun.

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"If money is a god, the whole world’s a living prayer" - good line! The chorus is solid and I actually like how the meter changes. As for morphs, I've been trying to wait until the rounds are completed so I can listen in order and "binge" the progression. Others might do the same?

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I think I might throw out the term alt country for this one. It's got a cool edge to the sound. I didn't listen to the other morph songs, so I can't comment on that part, but the lyrics are really intriguing.