Hurricane of Passion

Hurricane of Passion

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Liner Notes: 

I thought I'd go another way with this.


Hurricane of Passion
© 2021 Cindy Prince

It was like a tornado
It built like a storm
Icy cold then too warm

It was so intense
Always took my breath
I was so alive or near death

It was a hurricane of passion
A lustful connection
I got so lost in the reflection in your eyes
It was a thunderstorm of emotion
I was drowning in the ocean
It's the way that you hypnotize
Babe that you hypnotize

Sinking, thinking I'm lost
This passion, what's the cost

It was a lightning strike
Swirling turning wind
Up then down again

It was crashing waves
It was a burning fire
I was drowning in desire

Repeat chorus

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I like all those storm words...a very action-packed lyric! And I like how you go from one extreme to the other. Great rhythm!

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Another ripper! This great!! Gotta love a hurricane!! Love the pace,

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Nice job on the prompt! Good imagery and flow. Thanks for participating!

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I really like the "passion" take on a hurricane. I like the rhyme scheme and juicy word choices.

Russ Keys's picture

I would have said,"It was a tornado, it built into a storm . . ." The "likes" in there put too much distance between you and the listener and the action. It would make it more consistent with the rest of the lyric, as well. Great description of passion.

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Stormy, intense and provocative. I like it. Nice write.

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Love the title , on a motorcycle tour to Ireland for a week, will have a look when I get back