Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

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Liner Notes: 

Here's what came to mind for moi on this Hurricane of a skirmish.

Thank you @vivalarayna for hosting and for the theme.

Something simple.


There's a tropical storm brewing
In my eye
When I look at you
I get so high

There's a tropical storm brewing
Can you feel
My body's current
Will soon reveal

The eye of the storm
Where something has formed
Reaching you now with a kiss

There's a tropical storm brewing
On radar
And I know you know
Cause you're on par

With me

Sunfire © 2021

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Nice write! Storms are such powerful metaphors for relationships with ourselves and others.

vivalarayna's picture

Nice take on the prompt! This is a fun write. Thanks for participating!

Mandolinda's picture

You say simple, but very effective lyric. Some wonderful images.

tjeff's picture

Very nice, we sort of went in the opposite direction with our lyrics. Your words set the mood well. I really like "tropical storm brewing" in terms of romantic interest, and also like "my body's current will soon reveal."

Russ Keys's picture

"Tropical storm brewing" has a wonderful feel to it. 7 syllables - storms take some time to work up to their maximum force. The repetition helps the buildup. This stands in contrast to the shorter lines that come after. Sort of suggesting the reverse of a lightning strike, where the thunder builds to the final crack! Interesting.

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It is short and sweet, and an entire story. I love the end - I do love a happy ending Smile