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Liner Notes: 

I went the forest fire route. I started late, and finished a demo and updated lyrics.


Some 5,000 people have now been forced from their homes in British Columbia’s interior,
as aggressive wildfires worsen, devastating communities and creating apocalyptic scenes across the region.
The situation remains extremely volatile, even as cooler conditions provide some relief.

Evacuate evacuate
Seems there's no place to escape
The hills on fire all around
Roads are jammed all up and down
People trying to get out
Seems there's no place to escape

“I feel like I’m in the eye of a hurricane ,”
“It is really very clear today, I know there's an apocalypse around me.”
Evacuations are underway

Black plumes of smoke are rising
From the latest wildfire blaze
Helicopters fly into the night
The air is thick with smokey haze
The temepest of the forest fire
Is noisy as a hurricane

"We'll pack things in the car, we'll go if it gets bad
But I don't see the fire right now
I've got a plan, we'll be alrlight
I'll sure we're safe, somehow.

Firefighters in British Columbia are making some progress against a catastrophic wildfire
that wiped out the village of Lytton, killing two people during a record heat wave.
Investigations continue into the source of the fire.

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I can visualize the imagery clearly. Look forward to hearing this with music.

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Great imagery, albeit such a sad and scary scenario. I like that you made the hurricane prompt an analogy for the forest fires, which do seem like a hurricane in magnitude except with fire instead of rain. Thanks for participating today!

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These fires are so scary and you have come up with a great way to write and sing about it. Good skirmish!

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Cool idea to do a "news report" as your intro!! I like that a lot, very original. It reminds of a song that I really like by Manfred Mann's Earth Band called "Stranded in Iowa," even though they are totally different genres. You paint a really good picture of the scene in your song. I enjoyed listening!

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love the live scene news and quotes (with some glimmer of hope) in between the very visual melodic description of the monster raging. Good job, clever, again with a historic note element, and all done in a skirmish! Smile

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Nice skirmish. Your strumming is getting that constant drone of the oncoming fire.