Be who you wanna be

Be who you wanna be

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Liner Notes: 

This is the good girl gone wild.. quite excited to post this as I had fun with it.. the overlapping vocals are my fave bit.. if you get that far!

Came up with this early in July after a friend tried to convince me to skive off work to go shopping with her (easier to do now working from home). Have to say I was very tempted haha. At the same time I realised I have colleagues who get away with doing less work (well one guy in particular) and somehow manage to appear really busy as they are great at blagging their way through meetings.. I was never good at that.. always went the extra mile so I wouldn't get called out... hmmph... So the song started out with those ideas and then I just wanted to make it a bit empowering.. life is too short to always try to please people and conform so be who you wanna be!! also the hair braid story is true : (


Verse 1
In my life there are blaggers and players and people pleasers
I am the latter
Spent my life chasing things that don’t matter ‘n now I am shattered (yeah now I’m shattered)
Well I’m sick of being good, ain’t ever pulled a sickie
Yeah I’m tired of saying yes, tired of looking pretty
I’m gonna shake things up. You won’t recognise me
And I’ll be singing ‘

We only live once so be who you wanna be
Don’t take no shit from nobody
Yeah be who you wanna be

Verse 2

I did well in school but I was miserable
playing by the rules, got me so confused
and when I wore a hair braid in, it was so beautiful
But they made me take it out which made my daddy shout

Chorus x 2
We only live once so be who you wanna be
Don’t take no shit from nobody
Yeah be who you wanna be!

Post Chorus/Bridge?!
Be who you wanna be, live with integrity
Let yourself wander free, see all there is to see
Love yourself wholeheartedly
Don’t live in misery
Yeah you got the right to, to be who you wanna be

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I love these lyrics: "Be who you wanna be, live with integrity
Let yourself wander free, see all there is to see
Love yourself wholeheartedly
Don’t live in misery
Yeah you got the right to, to be who you wanna be"
As a recovering people-pleaser, I say ROCK ON! Your overlapping vocals are gorgeous. Well done!

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i like the jazzy way you lay out the melody and then dance around it with loose yet precise phrasing.

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What a great jazzy vocal (and harmonies) on this uplifting story with a moral. Loving the sparse arrangement too, deceptively simple, but very very clever. Lovely, enjoyed much.
Thanks for the kind words earlier! Smile

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Great harmonies, yeah. And I like the way you leave space for the mind and predominantly the heart

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Love this, Serene! That little bass note riff at the start is a fab hook which immediately catches the listener’s attention. Close harmonies on the chorus really work dynamically - they make the chorus noticeably bigger in a song which is essentially you and a guitar. The performance is great, there’s a real sense you’re invested in the (very empowering) sentiment, and when your voice goes into that upper register it’s pretty magic Smile oh and those overlapping vocals at the end are indeed awesome, well done!

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very well crafted song! all the little bits make it, harmonies backing guitar frills all around a very good lyric!

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Your vocals are awesome, hitting that sweet spot with great rhythm, tone, and expression.
Love when you go high with it. And those harmonies are sounded SO good.
Vocal melodies galore that hit just right. Quite catchy.
Agreeing with davidtaro about that hook. And the rest of what you're doing on guitar goes great with the feel of this.
Aw man, its over already.
Oy...I sit in THOSE kinds of meetings with THOSE kinds of people every week. The lyrics and their backstory are extremely relatable for me right now!

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Wow! Love so much about this! Great lyrics, fabulous vocals, and the music is so unique and well played!

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When you have a voice like yours, it is perfect to let it shine. The lyrics are a wonderful message and I love way you sing them. They have a fabulous uplifting feel. Good stuff!

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What a great, great song--and I love, love, love your voice.

I'd love to hear this fully orchestrated with more than just the guitar--although the guitar is really nice!

Great job!

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What a great melody/rhythm. It dances! and that is some really great and understated guitar work as well. Yeah the little shift, or breakdown, or late-prechorus, or bridge, whatever you wanna call it I give two shits about "structure." Is excellent! I had already really enjoyed this, that was just some icing.

Another really great write, and A+ performance!

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Absofrickinlutely! Love this song on all levels...what a great song and so well delivered!

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Gorgeous song and delivery. Brilliant lyrics, music, singing and playing. It was fun to read about your song and see the bit about if we get that far! Well, of course we will. It's too exciting to miss any part of it. So catchy and inspiring. Love the sentiment. I find it truly special when inspiration meets excellent organization. Your song is very inspired and very well structured.

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Wow, I am again blown away by your vocals and guitar playing. That guitar riff is top notch and compliments your vocals perfectly. I love the lyrics, that are so relatable and have a great message. The layered vocals are great, you do a wonderful job building to them. The stripped down arrangement works because your vocals and guitar are so amazing but then to get a little more as the song goes on makes it a bit extra special. I don't think I have enough words to describe how much I love this one.

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This is so cool - love the bass hook and those verse melodies especially. Well done with all those harmonies too - a great effect

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Love this Serene…Bravo!!! Great guitar work, beautiful singing, as usual, and heartfelt uplifting lyrics. Glad to be catching up on what I’ve missed, which is some darn good music!

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Oh, I love the attitude in this and the harmonies are terrific. The melody is catchy and the emotion gets out there from line one. The hair braid is a great's great when little snippets from real life can fit so perfectly into a song! Great work!

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I love your vocal and your take on things, it's a bit late in the day for 50/90 collabs now but check out my lyrics and songs, I would like to do a collab with you. Have a listen to GLM Songwriting on Soundcloud where I did a few songs about 18 months ago with a 16 year old female singer. If you are interested my email is [email protected] Smile