The Race

The Race

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Liner Notes: 

ry as you might, this is one race you just cannot win, you would have a better chance playing a game of chess with death.


m not trying to cheat it
im trying to beat it
put away that glass of wine
im in a race with time

so many wasted moments
that i could use right now
as the snow is falliing
from the bough

from the torrid waste of youth
to the slavery of age
each year drops away
in soft outrage

this is where it ends
there is no higher court
when the dark arm falls
cutting inspiration short

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A dark song, the words are very contemplative and full of imagery. "So many wasted moments that I could use right now" is a killer line. The multi tracked vocals make the delivery interesting and inventive. Love the minimalist accompaniment.

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I always find lyrics telling a story about coming to terms with mortality and accepting one's fate so interesting and is relatable to all of us in one way or another. I suppose the agony is with the ones left behind. Strong song.

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Hmmmm...somebody else is thinking about an upcoming BIG BIRTHDAY!! Wink (Or did you already have yours?)

So...I love the lyrics and identify with them. Lots of thinking about mortality lately. Music is good therapy for getting through that.

Another great one!

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A terrific offering, passionate commitment locked in futile protest.

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I always sit with your written word for a while Bill, as a disciple would a Sage, and that you are my friend. You have a willingness and ability to strip away the facade and lay things bare, and there we are. Verses 2 and 3 left me no where to go, save for a quiet nod. You make Art of it all, pouring your well worn voice into a flask of slowly sipped cognac. The tremolo and phase effects on your guitar, the vocal shadows that march along with you, the bittersweet...all of it.
This is massive. I am continually awed by this gift of truth telling you have fined tuned over many roads well travelled. You are a gift.