All Grown Up (part 2)

All Grown Up (part 2)

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Liner Notes: 

Part 2. The further exciting adventures of Priscilla, Emmylou and Muriel from Mariachi Hoedown
No cowbells used here. But a mooooving story.


All Grown Up

Missess Emmylou, Priscilla and Muriel
in the back 40 acres just reminiscing
about their happy childhoods with all their friends
who were now getting older, time was a ticking
if we're going to visit, we better ge tripping
so they were moved to make plans
and travel to the west

Little Bo was always a trouble maker
felt he was second best
but as he grew up, he filled out
and became an athlete
Then he changed his name to Bodacious
he became a famous bucking bull
His job at the rodeo was always so dangerous

he was always a bucker,
he jumped and kicked , he could turn on a dime
but his spirit and elegance, he just couldn't hide
And he was only havin a really good time

Well, out to his pasture they all went
Bo was giving them the eye
Hadn't seen the girls in many a year
Made them feel uncomfortable and shy.
Well, we all know how this story ends
One by one, they all fall for this guy
A holiday with added dividends.


It was sad when the holiday came to a close
The girls made their way back home again
Content to be grazing in familiar places once more.
But changes were happening everyday
The girls were feeling very mature
They all checked their calendars
and then they all concurred.

One by one a little buckaroo
Came along and could turn on a dime
And their spirit and elegance, they just couldnt hide
They were all just having a really good time.

Now Missess Emmylou, Priscilla and Muriel
in the back 40 just babysitting
with their own kids with all their hummy friends
who are now getting older, time is a ticking
they grow up fast, this time doesn't. last
so they were moved to enjoy it
while they can

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You've got a series started! I forsee a whole album about these girls. Good for you. Nice singing and playing, and the storytellling is great.

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This is a great story! I'll have to catch up with part I tomorrow, kudos if the start of a series! Even if just going to be a two parter. It made me remember how much I loved the Far Side comic strips especially all the cow ones.

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Good fun, nice performance, well constructed song. I'm going to check out the original as well.

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Another trip with the girls, again some excellent storytelling. Now you need to get some animation together to tell the story further!

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These cows are living an exciting life!! I'm glad they were "mooo-ved" to enjoy it while they can.