Yellow-Letter Day (Time to Shine)

Yellow-Letter Day (Time to Shine)

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Liner Notes: 

WHEN: Sunday Skirmish August 15, 2021 8pm BST, 3pm EDT, 2pm CT, 12noon PDT

THEME/TITLE: "COLOR" - Any color of your choosing -as in "Little Red Corvette", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Green Green Grass of Home", "Mood Indigo" or an entire rainbow!

TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s081521, feast, color
WHAT: We will have a one hour skirmish to write to a prompt.*
HOST: @corinne54

I had this idea floating around about writing a song around the color yellow, but it never got further than that until @corinne54 posted today's prompt, and then the idea came together! This was a fun write and I'll definitely go back to polish it up some. Open to your thoughts!

Note: I can't promise I got all of the chords right and I do not have time to record a demo now (SEE BIO), so if you see something that looks wrong, please let me know. Feast and all, lol.


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Verse 1
I've had days turn all to grey
I've had weeks just fade away
That's in the past no more living in the red
Today's a yellow-letter day
Gonna move ahead

Got no more time for the blues
Changing up my world with some brighter hues

It's my time to shine
My dues are paid and I'm feeling fine
It's my time to glow
Better days ahead now in in the flow
Can't hold me back, gonna catch this ride
Watch me move on up to the East Side

I've had friends on the nicer side of mean
With my every new success they turned
A deeper shade of green
I've had family with blackened hearts that turned away
At least none of them will spoil my yellow-letter day

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

Like the sun up in the sky I'll burn
Bright enough for the world to see
Catch the fire in my eyes
This Phoenix is finally flying free

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

© 2021 R. C. Richardson
All Rights Reserved

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very good use of colours in you lyric. You tell a thoughtful and optimistic story.

kahlo's picture

Wonderfully realistic and optimistic lyrics that lean into the darkness to find the light! The bridge is perfect!

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You used every color with tremendous purpose. Not one wasted! Verse 2 especially hits me personally.
I'm with Corinne, where's the music????? Smile <3 Biggrin

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Brilliant lyrics. Looking forward to hearing them. Please let me know when your song is posted.

Zeekle's picture

Such a great story within these lyrics. My favourite line - I've had friends on the nicer side of mean, that is a great line! Looking forward to hearing these...

Mandolinda's picture

Very interesting colour references. Such colourful language we use.

cindyrella's picture

I really love everything about this! Great message and skirmish!

tjeff's picture

Great use of various color words. Love the title, I think it's a play on "red-letter day"? I always like positive, upbeat lyrics where the singer is moving ahead with life, nicely done.

Sunfire's picture

Excellent lyric. Works for me and it's relatable.

coolparadiso's picture

Plenty of colours there, nice lyric with some hope! Really good choice of words!

wacha's picture

Great use of the prompt and a very impressive lyric. I love the message, sure things can be bad but I'm going to rise above it and excel. This is a solid song, skirmish or not.