The colour of dust

The colour of dust

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Liner Notes: 

A reflective piece thinking about climate change, global heating, forest fires and other types of environmental damage. The colour that these things suggested to me was grey as in the colour of dust.


It's not blues
That surround us
It's the colour of dust

Grey all around us
I's all become dust

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corinne54's picture

Beautiful, and very very sad song Roddy. Well done indeed

kahlo's picture

What a beautiful poignant sentiment with gorgeous flowing piano music… you convey the color of dust brilliantly

musicsongwriter's picture

Sadly very true. Very beautiful, sad, reflective lyric, music, playing and singing.Very good take on a skirmish prompt.

vivalarayna's picture

Lovely contemplative piano. It does give that feeling of dust blowing in the wind. Nice take on the skirmish prompt.

Adnama17's picture

You are going to make me cry. I wrote a song on Friday about the forest fires. It all absolutely breaks my heart. The melancholy piano fits so well. Maybe one of these days we'll figure out how to not destroy everything we touch, but probably not. Sad

Zeekle's picture

Love the piano on this, very melancholic and somber. Really like your vocals, they have that smokey jazz joint vibe. Lyrically very poignant with some nice imagery of where we are heading in this world, sadly.

Mandolinda's picture

At the beginning I could picture rebirth, new shoots regrowing after the fires. I love your piano stylings.

tjeff's picture

Beautiful piano playing, love the occasional emphasis on certain notes. Sets an excellent mood, somber but yet hopeful? Unfortunately the lyric tells a truth that no one wants to hear.

Sunfire's picture

Beautiful piece. I could pciture a video of some of the climatic issues the planet faces going along with this. Well done!

coolparadiso's picture

Now thats economy of words but a strong message, well done all round!

headfirstonly's picture

Another really strong one. The sparsity of the lyrics—and the fact that they don't appear until 1:12 into the song—give those words added power. No wonder this one has hit home so effectively with everybody. Same here.

mike skliar's picture

indeed, beautiful, melodic, and sad. great work! You say alot in a few lines and some choice notes!