Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

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Liner Notes: 

Nothing here. It's just Sunday as usual. Also Week 6 Challenge, Cleaning Up


do i need these socks?
with the stripey tops.
cant find the mate
so i'll just compensate
wear a pair
that dont match at all.

I'm not going out
I can do without.
or just wear leggings
forever begging
no need to stress
i'll just redress.

have you just ever looked at the last few loads
of laundry
and considered throwing them away?
i was going to throw in the towel,
until i realized
i had too much dirty laundry already.

my washer's a blackbox
so unorthodox
i put things in
give them a spin
i just forget
to take them out

how i measure success
must be addressed
there's a second phase
in my malaise
you have to put the laundry into the dryer
before mildew sets in

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Nice job Linda! I love all the specifics that you've included in here, including the ever-present losing of socks. Smart lyrics and your always bright mandolin playing.

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HaHa! Indeed a measure of success is remembering that the stuff you forgot in the washer needs to go in the dryer, and even then, for all the celebration, you still have mismatched stuff you forgot you owned coming out the other end of the process. Still, I'm sure it's beats beating washing against rocks by the river and then having to hand wring them dry. Delightful, imaginative, but down to earth. You've got yourself a distinct musical calling card all your own. Enjoyed.

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This is such a fun and light hearted song, it was a pleasure to listen to. I love the rhythm you are playing it adds to the fun of the song. There's a fun June Carter Cash feel to both the playing and your singing on this one, really nice work with the prompt!