This Is A Start

This Is A Start

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Liner Notes: 

T.C.: Swordsmith said I could use his lyric as I like it quite a lot. And I wrote a song. Back on the 25th of July. I finally started recording yesterday. This did not turn out how I wanted it to. Kind of a cross between the two arrangements I heard in my head. But I'm not unhappy with it.


This is the single step
That starts the journey of a thousand miles
Or starts off well then tumbles off a cliff

This is the op'ning line
Of the next novel unputdownable
Or paper wasted in a bundle stiff

Whatever fate is held in store
The only thing that matters more
In life, in love, in art
This is a start

This is the cry that rings out
From the first breath of a newborn
Who might grow to save or overthrow the earth

This is the lonely minute
That comes marching after midnight
As it challenges the day to show its' worth

Whatever fate is held in store
The only thing that matters more
In life, in love, in art
This is a start

And everything that is began from nothing
And though you couldn't know it at the time
There's something that began the transformation
To start the birth of reason in the rhyme

Whatever fate is held in store
The only thing that matters more
In life, in love, in art
This is a start

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thats a classic beat run a bit like the ol beta band, draws you straight in. It is a cool lyric and the vox has a really nice clean clear feel to it. Good song

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reminds me a bit of the kind of song REM would write on one of their good days.

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NIce, funny as I just posted a version of these lyrics this afternoon (, and you took it in a very different direction. I like what you did with it as it has a very different feeling to it than mine. And of course your production value is great!

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Brilliant and beautiful collaboration. The lyrics bring such powerful insights and deliver a compelling message. The poetic use of language and the sentiment conveyed reaches in deep. I love that chorus. And the musical delivery of the words is phenomenal! The music conveys the lyric perfectly and adds depth of emotion. The production is spot on. This song is really wonderful. Kudos to you both!

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I really like the style you've chosen for this one. Reminds me of the radio rock I listened to as a young teenager. And yet it has shades of the Disney 'I want' song. The slow delivery and relaxed lines suit the lyric very well, and I got slight chills when all was stripped down to a single guitar for the last chorus. This is absolutely a song that people will break out the lighters (or cellphone flashlights) for.

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Wordsmith has given me much to think about in terms of how to craft lyrics. T.C. has given this a class A treatment. A few folks have said that it has a 90s throwback feel to it; and it feels/sounds great. I'm 'bout it on so many levels. Nice work, gents.

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Love these lyrics and I like the musical arrangement you've put together--and a nice vocal to top it all off.

Very nice collaboration, guys!

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So appropriate to listen first thing e eryday. Everyday is a new start. Wonderful song to start my listening this morning.

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I friggin love this. The lyric is deep, wide, and meaningful. The musical delivery is rich and fabulous. Super collaboration!