Season Five

Season Five

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Season Five


Liner Notes: 

Mandolinda wrote the lyrics, and I did the music. I programmed virtual instruments on Mixcraft 8, and recorded the vocals on my Android phone. The song is in 5/4 time.


Do you ever feel like you're on Season Five
of your life
And the writers are just doing silly shit
to keep the ratings up
Most of my life felt like a TV show
that should have been cancelled a long time ago.
But the network backed it up
for whatever reason
for another season.

Do you feel like your fairy godmother stepped out for a smoke?
I think mine is just some kind of
really bad joke.
She sprinkles out some trickery
and then adds in some deceit
She's just doling out bad wishes
then the plot turns around with a cheat
yeh, it feels like my fairy godmother stepped out for a smoke.


do you ever feel like you’re on Season Five
of your life.
and then good old Chucky is hired for rewrites.
you wish this could be cancelled
but the network backed it up
for whatever reason
and you're back again
for another season.

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I love the part about you and your fairy godmother Edward. Even though I have no idea how you look, I imagine a heavy metal rocker with a fairy godmother, who is out for a smoke. I am so thrilled you gave this lyric a go, I absolutely love your version.
And if you are interested, as Monty Python might say in Something Different, give my version a listen.

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This is another solid collaboration from you two. The lyrics are clever and relatable and the arrangement is great, there's a sense of urgency and frustration in it that I like a lot.

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You guys know how to collab..nice job! The backing track is super cool and the vocal just fit in so nicely.