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Liner Notes: 

Woke up to extremely bad smoke. Worst day yet. It breaks my heart. Sad


Smoke gets in your eyes
The Platters sang to me
But they were talking ‘bout love
Not the burning trees

It makes me so sad
To see all of my friends
Destroyed by human greed
No one comprehends

Everything is connected
Everything is linked
Since the beginning of time
And all times in between

Planting a tree you’ll never
Relax underneath
A lasting, true legacy
For all the times to be

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Yeah, the burning trees thing is no fun. Nice self-skirmish-- pleasant and strong melody.

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I love the tone in your voice on this, really created emotion. I know about smoke n fires! But this can been listened on many levels, much deeper as you listen more. Like the uke use as well! And the use of the quote about the shadow of a tree you wont sit under.

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Sad indeed. Kinda sucks when everything is on fire. Especially when those responsible are still pretending that it has nothing to do with them...

This is a lovely song despite the sadness. Really nicely performed, too.

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Gosh I sure do love The Platters.
Good to see you FUCing.
Yeah, lovely lyrics here for sure.
Great vocal delivery.
"All my friends..."; yes I know exactly what you mean.
Really nice work here!

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Nice. You combine the seriousness of the subject with the breeziness of the music. And good for you to be uke-ing!