I've Been Waiting

I've Been Waiting

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Liner Notes: 

Embarking on a project to write 50 songs allows plenty of scope to try writing in different genres and this is my first attempt at a gospel song. A simple structure of half a dozen choruses.
One take on the vocals and guitars but about 5 on the bass, which should have been the most straightforward!


I've been waiting at the station of life
Waiting for the train to come x3
Oh train stop for me

I've been waiting in the river of life
Waiting for the water to flow x3
Oh water flow over me

I've been waiting in the prison of life
Waiting for the key to turn x 3
Oh key turn for me

Solo chorus

I've been waiting at the heart of life
Waiting for my love to grow x 3
Oh love grow in me

I've been waiting in the night of life
Waiting for a light to shine x 3
Oh light shine for me

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I know what you mean about trying out different genres - so creative! This is a fun Gospel song - well done!

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This was a great tune to get me moving in the morning. It has such a great bounce and the lyrics are so upbeat--though you may want to call an Uber if that train never arrives. I'm going to be humming this as I make breakfast for sure