Hütten am Strand (Huts on the beach)

Hütten am Strand (Huts on the beach)

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Liner Notes: 

I’m not really participating, but since I finished that demo I figured I might as well upload it here.
This was recreated from a jam with my band, and I tried to bring in some structure and make a song of that nice impro.
Since I will leave it up to the guys what to make of it (anything can still happen at that point), I didn’t make a big production, so drum programming, mix and arrangement are all rough (just 5 tracks in the project - whoo).

The lyrics are about a couple in love while outside a fascist regime forcefully takes over.
‚Hütten am Strand‘ is the title of the EP we’re working on. I thought it would be funny to make a title track to the title.


Nebenan ist wieder die Hölle los
Das Geschrei dringt sogar durch die Wand
Du legst Musik auf und dann tanzen wir dazu
und dann liegen wir da
und du hältst meine Hand

Eigentlich wollten wir heute ausgehen
doch die Soldaten haben die Innenstadt gesperrt
das sieht wohl wieder nach nem Fernsehabend aus
Doch du bist bei mir
und was will ich mehr

Schon drei aus dem Haus haben sie abgeholt
und der Strom ist seit heute Nachmittag schon weg
Wir haben uns in der Abendsonne geliebt
und jetzt liegen wir hier
wir schauen auf das Bild an der Wand
und träumen von Hütten am Strand


Next door there’s a lot going on again
you can even here the screaming through the wall
You put on some music and we dance to it
and then we lie there
and you hold my hand

We had planned to go out tonight
but the soldiers have cordoned off the inner city
So it looks like another TV evening
But you are with me
what do I want more

They already came for three people from this house
and the power’s out since the afternoon
We made love in the evening sun
And now we are lying here
Looking at the picture on the wall
and dreaming of huts on the beach

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Great! It has this nostalgia and a longing for a better something. And it's the dream that takes over regimes... And music, or so I've been told.

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Oh this is super cool! Don’t understand German but my husband’s last name is German so when we meet Germans, they start speaking to us in German - he doesn’t understand it either - lol!

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Nice to hear you post something this summer!
Lovely big atmospheric piece . Moody and paints a picture of gentleness in love in the midst of a horrible situation, that guitar just stomps on everything very appropriately. Well done to you and the band. Good stuff. Thanks for the translation too.

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i dont know german. i took it 3 tumes in hischool before receiving a passing grade, but the lyric reads wonderfully in english, and the music captures the bored fear that many experience today under vastly different circumstances. guitar solo is fabulous