Breaking Up

Breaking Up

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breaking up


Liner Notes: 

Mandolinda wrote the lyrics, and I did the music. I came up with the music in about 20 minutes, and this recording was done in one take on my Android phone.
It's in 4/4 for the first half and 3/4 for the second half.


(# dailyNews Carnival Cruiseline removes 13 cruise ships from its fleet due to COVID 19)

Breaking Up

Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is so hard.

Want to go on a sea cruise?
Want to go on a sea cruise with me?
We’ll cruise across the ocean together
with a skeleton crew.

Let’s cruise on over to some fine beaches
In India or Pakistan or Turkey
There we’ll run aground up on the beach
At a cruise ship cemetery.

It takes about 6 months and 50 workers
To break a 40K ton cruise ship
All the furniture and fittings are wholesaled
And the metal cut into bars and sheets.

Well, breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is hard to do
Breaking up is so hard

Hundreds of cruise ships no longer sailing
Due to CO-Vid 19.
Can’t find a port to wait it out
While the world is quarantined.

So cruise ships are going to breaking yards
One by one they’re being stripped and abandoned
It’s like a scene from a Mad Max movie
There’s no decks left there to stand on.

No more walks on the lido deck,
No more buffet lunch by the pool.
No more ocean view staterooms
No more upper deck entertainment.
No more hot tub on the promenade deck
No more shuffleboard on the leeward side…..
Breaking up is hard to do.

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Good morning Edward, it is so interesting to listen to your style and voice and my lyrics together in one package. Firstly, amazing take on the lyrics. The song just sounds so different from what I imagined it would sound like. A completely different take. Rhythm and beat make such a difference. I really appreciate your sound, piano styling and the entire package you put together. If you want to hear my version of these lyrics, I will post them on my page.

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This is a great take on these lyrics. I had listened to the other version before this one and this one has a darker more sinister feel to it. Very nice performance and a great collaboration!