Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies

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Liner Notes: 

@coolparadiso suggested I have a crack at his excellent skirmish lyrics, so that's what I did. I really can't praise the words highly enough. They're evocative, they're nostalgic, he uses sight, smell, touch, taste... and the overall message is really rather profound. Cheers, John!

I hope the music captures something of that. I've just had to re-output the 'final mix' about five times as I keep noticing little things - it's that kind of song - not sure it's 100% but then, when is anything ever 100%? Smile

(Note: I made a couple of tiny edits to John's original lyric, mainly to fit melodies and that kind of thing).


Lyrics: ©John Nicholson

The haze of summer all around
The warmth upon my back
The corn blowing in the breeze
The winding of the track

The hillside stands immovable
The sky rolls on forever
The distant viaduct stands proud
Announcing man's endeavour

But I was chasing butterflies
Elusive like my dreams
Chasing my reality
At least that's how it seems

The cut grass smell abounds
The vineyard fruit is ripe
Its just like it's meant to be
A summer stereotype

The hillside stands immovable
The sky rolls on forever
The distant viaduct stands proud
Announcing man's endeavour

But I was chasing butterflies
Elusive like my dreams
Chasing my reality
At least that's how it seems

Memories of youth
Butterfly net in hand
Living life day by day
Nothing ever planned

What if I ever caught one
The end of the great pursuit
Yeah, I think you guessed it
I wouldn't know what to do!

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Great imagery in the lyrics and the vocals are awesome. Wonderful backing track. WINNER.

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After your motown song, David, here's another great genre study. Could be right off the radio in 1974 , just enough twang but just enough crossover. Everything works a treat including rich lyric with the great Chasing butterflies hook, the guitar licks and the admirable harmonies/bvox. Great work!

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As soon as I saw "country rock," I was in. And then I saw "DavidTaro" and "CoolParadiso" and knew I had to give it a listen. Brilliant!

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Love what you did with @coolparadiso's lyrics. Really love the bouncy feel to it and the production values are so good. Something to aspire to!

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Absolutely gorgeous song and collaboration. Instant classic. Sounds so fresh, full of life, positive vibes and catchy melodies. It's a truly feel good song. Very visual and adorable. Love the lyrics, music, vocals, playing, choice of the instruments. Wounderful dynamics, contrasts, form structure.
A true treat to listen to. I also like the picture you've chosen.

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David, your willingness to experiment in several genres shows how open-minded you are as an artist and musician. This grows your already great production skills. This is such a chill good song. Coolparadiso, these lyrics are so visual in the listener's mind, that I felt I could be there! Love love love!

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This is a lovely feel-good song! The laid back feel of the lyric is so rich with images. I like how they honor nature: "The hillside stands immovable/The sky rolls on forever" and the human spirit: "Chasing butterflies". Those harmonies sound great, bringing emotion to it all as well as the musical choices. Great production. I like the playfulness of possibly catching one...and how the music/vocal highlights that and we have that moment. Great collab!

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Fabulous job as usual guys.

Strong chorus, Beatlesque guitar at the end of the chorus.

Fab solo

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Really like these words - that viaduct bit is obviously great. The music has a stomp and swagger not usually associated with butterflies and philosophical musings, but it all fits together hand in glove. Another really nice one. Feel-good is right.

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Great collaboration! Well done, both of you! I can’t believe this was a skirmish write! You must have had the faucet turned on full blast, because it flows so very well. Love the layered vocals and musical choices.

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Reminiscent of 'The Band', which is a very good thing in my book. There's something universal to the lyrics, really. Great craftsmanship, the result of a combination of great talents. Enjoyed this much, solo included!