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Liner Notes: 

@Sunfire asked if I would be willing to add the jelly factor to his wonderful lyrics about food. Soooo, who can resist doing something like that? My attempt was to incorporate a totality of Middle Eastern influences without taking focus off of Indian cuisine specifically. I think I pulled that off. HOWEVER - that bridge. That bridge needed a wee bit of Big Mama's soul food cookin' I tossed in a bit of her recipe, too! The mix is still primarily of Studio One stock plugins and Voxengo Stereo Touch for the vocals. A combination of sampling and playing. The upright bass is a virtual instrument from the team at AmpleSound. Those guys are BEASTS. I intend to do more as I learn what it can do. However, I'll make sure not to get too far away from the real thing! Wink I'm looking at you, @Dragondreams.

Please enjoy the jelly. Smile


Just curry your love
When U're with me
Dining 2gether
Sizzling hot
Spicy is nice
Savory food
On a bed of rice

There's poultry
There's garlic
More seasoning in store
Cilantro, some lime
It's what we adore

Indian dishes
Bring us together
Exotic tastes
2 warm up the weather

Just curry your love
When you're with me
Dining 2gether
Sizzling hot
Spicy is nice
Savory food
On a bed of rice

Cooking in the kitchen
It's me and U
But the dessert is a secret
In our own special brew

Just curry your love
When you're with me
Dining 2gether
Sizzling hot
Spicy is nice
Savory food
On a bed of rice...

2021 FAWM 50/90_The Jelly Factory

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Fun song to listen to, very curry dedicated. Love the Eastern flavours and the feel of creating and enjoying the food. Beautiful lyrics, music, vocals, playing and demo. Very colourful, spicy and nice.

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Who knew Jelly and Indian food was such a delicious combination. Two talented collaborators doing what they do best. Nice job!

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i can see those thinly veiled dancers slinking around while serving up the dishes

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Like the funky cuisine chorus, oh, curry please curry my love!

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I think that switchup in the bridge works particularly well! Really great arrangement and vocal. This really dances.

This is a great lyric too I thought I had already commented on, but I guess not............I wonder how many comments I'd have if they all stuck. I'm sure I read it. There's a sultry sexiness to the lyric that's excellent you did a really great job accenting in the music. Really enjoyed this!

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Curry jelly. Delicious. Great collab. And shout out studio one users! It’s my favorite DAW. It’s just so user friendly!!!! I don’t even miss pro tools lol

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Look, all I can say is this is a treat. I smiled all the way through. Great approach to the music and the production is ultra cool.

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Indeed all I did was read the title and pressed play and I was transported back to @dragondream 's curry house tracks (was that a decade ago? if not, almost. damn!)
Loving that you brought the mid eastern melody in the verse to the western (uber) smooth chorus, some lovely vocal work (including bvox) some chill grooving in a sweet production. Delicious jelly here. You killing it this summer!
Thanks for the kind words earlier, my friend. !

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Welp, this is awesome.
First off, these lyrics are all kinds of perfect and up my alley. I'm a lover of food, and Indian cuisine is one of my absolute favs. Words like spicy, sizzling, savory really elevate the curry idea here and...well, make me hungry!
The music here is the equivalent of that very aromatic characteristic that most Indian cuisine has. Its got great dual flavor - the mid-eastern and the r&b. They've been mixed together so well here just like a great curry.
Excellent sounds used - each instrument/patch choice was spot on - that bass IS a beast indeed. Great drums, too.
That bridge - yep. I like how you went a little Ron Isley for a bit lol That was so well done.
Great melodies, mix, and heck..everything.
Another home run with another excellent collab. Great job, you two.

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Plink! Cool sounds and brilliant performance. Wonderful to find this side of you

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Ooh, very nice! I had tried writing a song a couple of years ago for an Iranian girlfriend--AND IT IS NOT EASY!

I think you've been true to the Eastern phrygian (?) mode required for a song like this. Just an incredible job of producing. Awesome vocals, etc.

Man, this is good!

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Another recipe for success. Well done

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Oh my the percussion is everything! I am a sucker for percussion! And the lyrics are so perfectly clever. The cilantro and lime line made me "chef's kiss" great job ya'll!