Don't Box Me In

Don't Box Me In

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Liner Notes: 

I hear rap or hip hop for this one and I think of everything going on today and how often when people hear something they like or dislike it automatically forms an impression in their head about someone else or even a place or thing for that matter and they get compartimentalized.

An anthem of sorts for going it alone saying what you think and being brave enough to be oneself.

Thank you @vivalarayna for hosting and for the skirmish theme. Enjoyed it!


Don't Box Me In

Don't box me in
To a catagory please
I don't fit any stereotype
That will put some at ease
I'm not into identity politics
Not black or white
If that's too much to handle
Then I guess someone's uptight

Don't box me in
If we should get together
I can play the part of chameleon
Adapting to all kinds of weather
Just when you think you've got a handle on me
I'll prove you wrong
If ya' try to knock me down
That will only make me strong

And if you put me in a box
I'll escape just like the fox
To shatter the norm
The flavor of the weak conform

Don't box me in
Cause baby life is too short
The conforming hang ups for many
I can simply abort
Not into phony, or following the herd
That just ain't me
I live by my own standards
Unconventional you see

Sunfire © 2021

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Amen! So like I feel. I hate the thought of being boxed in.

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Yes, definitely hear this as a rap. So true that people often do not not fit into strict binary categories. Thanks for participating and I'm glad you enjoyed the prompt!

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Yes like the message, I can hear rap as well, but it has more universal use ! Could be anything as long as it contains enough angst, right through to punk!

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Love the "don't box me in" metaphor - excellent take on the prompt. A really good advice lyric - one that I should take to heart in some ways. Good writing.

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Another good write. You must have recovered from your move, can't believe your productivity. Yes, I think many of us are like this, we all have much common ground and want the best for ourselves and everyone. The power brokers are the ones who try to pitt one and against another and put people in camps. We've all got to resist that as most don't fit into any one thing.

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Really great message that is very well stated and supported in a well-crafted lyric. I love the direction you took the skirmish and appreciate the perspective and insight you brought to it!

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This is a great take on the prompt. It's a powerful and timely message. The lyrics flow very nicely, I could see this as a rap or pink song.

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Good cadence to the write, could be a rap song. Like the hook and the way you approached it, nice write!