A Minor Drone

A Minor Drone

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Liner Notes: 

This was hatched from an improve which I transcribed into MuseScore. You are hearing the MuseScore engine play this piece.



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I like this, Russ. I've heard of MuseScore, but not even remotely familiar with its capabilities. Nonetheless, the piece is engaging and sounds like the jumping point for additional arrangement. Nice work.

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Thanks, and yes I agree it could be the basis of a bigger piece.

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sounds like mccoy tyner[s impressions of a john carpenter score.

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This feels like something is about to happen at any moment...suspense...and perhaps following someone who could be in danger. I like that surprise midway thru...like rain drops! Cool.

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I am a sucker for drones and pedal tones and this didn’t disappoint! I liked the variety of placements for those two opening chords, and it felt very satisfying when you (musescore) dropped down to that fifth. The scale run also felt exciting. I would like to learn to play this!

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Thanks for your comments on my "Minor Drone". If you really want to play it I can send you the sheet music (its only 3 pages). But I would encourage you to take the drone riff and see where it leads you as I did. It may have other paths for you to follow.

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Very cool piece, I like the combo of the insistent bass motif and the timing of the minimalist chords on top.

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I love this - the left-hand bass is rock-solid, and it's so cool to anticipate and then hear what jaziness you layer on top. Another good one!

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Thanks for your comment. This one built out of that insistent bass line. (That is the midi keeping the bass solid.)

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Thanks for your comments. I let the midi play this one because I wanted the bass line to be solid.