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Hate/Love (lyrics by Nadia Cripps, with small changes)


Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by @musicsongwriter (with some small changes), music by @Amanda Rose Riley

Nadia (original notes): The Prompt: Dislike / Unlike / Hate
Thank you @coolparadiso for an interesting prompt. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Amanda: I was happy to add music to this sweet lyric. I agree with the sentiment and I think it was beautifully and succintly put.


Lyrics © 2021 Nadia Cripps*

Hate is a pessimistic feeling
It makes us want to hit the ceiling
And our lives become totally miserable,
It makes us all unreasonable

Negative thoughts are starting wars
Positive emotions open doors
Let's bring our love to the world today,
Everything could be a true, fair play

Jealousy is destructive, like hate
It always leads to a bad fate
Best to think of what we have and not what we don't
Then maybe we won't feel so alone

Hate is a very gloomy feeling
I hope you'll get some healing
Let this song help however it can
Well, that's my hopeful plan

*The above lyrics reflect some small changes I (Amanda Rose Riley) made when I set it to music

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


musicsongwriter's picture

Thank you Amanda for your beautiful music, singing and playing. I like the changes in the lyric and the emotion you put in the words.

Gm7's picture

Some really great lyrics in this song and a really catchy melody. Wonderful!!

Stephen Wordsmith's picture

I like your treatment of these words. The subject can seem a bit heavy-handed, but your breezy optimism (reminds me a lot of the Juno soundtrack - I hope that's a flattering comparison for you) makes them agreeable and palatable. The pause before each final line is effective, as they do a lot of the heavy lifting in the overall message.

Nadia: great job on this call to arms, gentle yet rousing. The truths are heavy but your phrasing is so light.

Well done both of you.

billwhite51's picture

amanda infuses the wisdom of the elders with the optimism of youth

coolparadiso's picture

It's a nice lyric and is good with the Amanda treatment. Hate is too good an emotion to waste on people you don't like!

Jerry Pettit's picture

Very nice set of lyrics, Nadia--and how lucky you are to have a voice like this sing them!

Very nice collaboration, ladies!

davidtaro's picture

What a beautiful lyric - love beats hate every time! Amanda's melody complements the words so well too, I really like those opening two lines in particular. Great collab - well done!

Kristi's picture

What an insightful lyric and gentle song. I really like the chorus and how the melody & vocal bring it out. The message is universal and there's wisdom behind those words. A fresh sounding vocal that has an air of being positive delivering the message. Good playing. Nice collab!